[This really isn't a concept, just a shallow jab from the impulse brought on by this thing's sudden conception. Don't except much]

So I was thinking about League stuff one night while watching the Worlds matches online. Every now and then I like making up my own champions. I end up disliking or forgetting most of them, but this particular idea felt like it actualy had something going. So this is what I have.

You know what I've been wanting to see in League? A centipede/millipede-like champion. I wondered how I would pull off something like that and Mel'Zev suddenly made itself. Mel'Zev's meant to be a centipede Void champion with the ability of floating like Vel'Kro can. It's generally colored basic void colors (purple, black, red) and possesses these large pinchers that are important to its kit. It doesn't speak, but instead it repeats the sentences of previous people it's encountered in their voices, although these sentences would either be short or not make any sense as Mel has trouble parroting these sounds and tries to fill in the parts he missed with something else.

From what I made up, it's supposed to be a support champion with a little mobility and focused around locking down targets but not as hard as Leona or Nami can. The only ability I have thought out is a skillshot similar to Lissandra's Glacial Path in movement, but upon hitting a champion will stun them for a sec. Its damage would most likely be magic damage and it would be a little resistant; I'm reminded of those giant centipedes from several eras ago and they seemed pretty sturdy.

That's really all I have, commentary is appreciated.