Okay, so I've been seeing alot of suggestions for the creation of a new summoner type-champ, a support champ, and a new mage. Soooo, I'm just gonna put up my old idea for Falem. A bit of a combination of Karma, Sona, and Yorick.

Falem-The Creator

Passive: Undying Loyalty: Falem receives increased health and mana regeneration while he has an active pet. If his pet is killed he is refunded 5% of his maximum health and mana.

Q: Spirit of Power: Deals a burst of magic damage at the targeted area, reducing the magic resist of enemies his for several seconds.

Breathe Life: Summons a Lion companion that increases the attack damage of surrounding allied champions and attacks the nearby enemies for 40/55/70/85/100 damage (+0.24 per AP)

W: Spirit of Courage: Fires a skill shot that deals increased damage at closer ranges and slows target hit.

Breathe Life: Summons a wolf companion that attacks enemy targets for 30/45/60/75/90 damage. (+0.25 per AP) and inflicts a fear on enemies it hits.

E: Spirit of Wisdom: Places a shield on an allied champion that absorbs incoming damage and increases movespeed by 12% for 3 seconds.

Breathe Life: Summons an Owl Companion that attacks enemy targets for 20/30/40/55/75 damage (+0.25 per ability power) and increases the health and mana regen on nearby allied champions.

Ultimate: Breathe Life-available at level 1

Falem stores a charge every 60/45/30 seconds. Activating this ability consumes it’s charge and causes Falem’s next ability to summon an animal companion with 150/300/450 health that will attack the target of Falem’s most recent spell or auto-attack. Only one pet may be used at a time, attempting to summon a pet with one active will dismiss the first.