Hello all, my friend AZACOR and I have started an editorial blog and wanted to share it with the wiki. These are our opinions on the game, specifically on a gold elo and below perspective, so please take them for what they are worth:

"Tanks, more specifically tanks with CC, are prime acquisitions for any team comp. They always have been, and always will be. The necessary number of these tanks on a team is what is in question. Per the current meta, what AZACOR and our team have found is a 3-2 team composition is ideal (3 tanks, 2 carries). Top, Jungle, and Support are the roles that should fulfill the need for tanks on any given team. Although, recently, we found a means of implicating a 2-3 spread, but the 2 tanks roles must offer heavy CC. Think Leona and Nautilus.

Why is it that tanks are so necessary? There are a couple of reasons. First of all, they offer a frontline, a line of defense between your allied damage dealers and the enemy. Without a frontline, your carries are toast and you lose. Period. Dot. As a support main, I understand the importance of keeping the ADC alive. Without him/her, I can't do enough damage to finish off the enemy and I just become a gold income source for my opponents. Tanks keep your carries safe and alive to win games.

A second reason tanks are necessary is because they are the primary initiators. Most tanks are going to take on the role of engaging and locking down the enemy so that the carries are free to eliminate the enemy with their damage. Tanks are bulky enough to soak up damage as they lock down the enemy, thus, negating them an opportunity to attack and kill the tanks or allied carries resulting in won games. Carries don't usually have great lockdown in their kits because that would be broken. That's why carries need to rely on tanks to keep the enemy down so they can input their damage and win...."