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Zhonya, The Amazon Princess

Greetings Summoners!

Here i'm showing a champion concept for a Jungler and Top female champion who also is hybrid :3 i hope you enjoy it ^u^

Her attributes are: Jungler, Top, Melee

also please leave some comments :3

Passive - Soul Balance

For each 10 of AD Zhonya gains bonus 5 AP.

Q - Jump To Fight

Active: Zhonya jumps to an enemy target and deal physical damage, also zhonya will apply a slow effect to the designed target.

Damage: 100/125/170/200/260 (+50% AD) - Slow: 20% /40% /50% /60% /65%

Mana Cost: 70/90/110/125/130 - Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 - Range: 700

W - Punishing Cycle

Active: Zhonya will attack all sorrounding enemies around her with her whip dealing magic damage, with a 50% chance to deal additional damage to minions and monsters.

Damage: 75/120/160/200/230 (+60% AP) Additional damage to minions and monsters: 200/220/240/260/280

Mana cost: 45/60/70/75/80 - Cooldown: 7/6/5/4.5/4 - Range: 375

E - Amazon Inspiration

Passive: Zhonya gains bonus armor and magic resist.

Active: Zhonya gains attack speed and movement speed for 4 seconds.

Bonus Attack Speed: 10% /20% /30%/40% /50% - Bonus Movement Speed: 5% /10% /15% /20% /25%

Bonus Armor and Magic Resist: 10/15/20/25/30 - Cooldown: 12 seconds in all levels

Mana Cost: 50/60/65/75/80

R - Amazon Arrow Rain

Active: Zhonya asks for help to her friends and launches a rain of arrows on a circle with 500 of diameter, dealing Physical Damage and a bonus 10% of targets current health (+3% per 100 AP) to all enemy champions in the area.

Damage: 150/225/275 (+20% AD) - Mana Cost: 100/125/150 - Cooldown: 75/65/50 - Range: 1800

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