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    |date = N/A |health = 7 |attack = 7 |spells = 6 |difficulty = 5 |hp = 436(+89) |mana = |damage = 53(+3) |range = 130(Melee) |armor = 21(+3.3) |magicresist = 30(+1.35) |attackspeed = 0.635(+3.3%) |healthregen = 6.3(+0.9) |manaregen = |speed = 350

    }}Gale, the Adorian Vanguard is a champion in League of Legends.

    Gale's basic abilities have no cost to use them and they are only limited by cooldowns. The resource that's tracked in his secondary resource bar is the mechanic: Flow.

    Gale can have up to

    Flow. Gale generates 3% of his maximum flow per auto attack. Flow does not generate or deplete idly.

    Gale's ultimate is the only ability that requires flow to use. Upon reaching 100% Flow, G…

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