This is just an idea and i have many others of a champ: Zyes, Movement of the void:

He doesnt use mana, he uses Void energy, like energy however you have more regen but less base stats and increases with level. Start off with 100 +10 per level. Regen at 20 per second. 

Passive: Walker: 

Zyes gains increased move speed in combat.

Q: Void passage:   40(+10) void energy: 5 sec cooldown: Movespeed bonus= 30%(+15%)

Zyes becomes untargetable and dashes a short distance through 2 void portals, he has increased move speed after that decays after 2 seconds.

W: Stride:     35(+10) void energy: 15 sec cooldown(reduces 1 sec ability level): Armour, Magic resistence and damage increase= 40%(+5 per level)

Zyes has increased resistances and damage

E: Voidborn:   40(+10) void energy: 3 sec cooldown: Damage: 70 magic (+30 per level)  slow: 10%(+10% per level)

Zyes explodes realasing void energy in a large area around him, damaging and slowing enemys struck by it.

R: Void charge 120 void energy: 120 sec(-10 a level): Movespeed: 50,60,80: Attack speed:20%,25%,40%           duration: 5  sec, 8 sec, 10 sec

Zyes has increased move and attack speed, damage and can pass through walls and see through the fog of war.

this is all an idea, just thought a new void champ should come out and a movespeed/ bursty champ was a good and unique idea, espasially the void energy to make a new resource. Hope its a good idea!