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Sion-Rework must be made

Zakzoor4 October 27, 2013 User blog:Zakzoor4

In the league, Sion was one of the first characters designed, and this is why he needs a rework. 

No one takes sion as a champ. In my entire history of league i have seen him a total of once. But why? With AP hes powerful, he can be built AD. He has a ranged stun, a sheild that can do damge to surrouding enemys, somthing giving him more damage and health and his ult at rank 3 gives 100% life steal. All of this makes him just as good as any top or mid champ. But why isnt he played?

Its his look. His splash art needs to be improved, and his in game character model is him walking, wait, walking like a penguin with a giant axe. I think he needs a rework. I mean, you improve Garen? good job on him, he looks better, but he didnt need a rework compared to Sion.

Overall, just give him a rework. He needs to be played. Great champ, little reputation. REWORK INCOMMING PLEASE!!!!!


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