• Zambu

    Useless passives

    May 1, 2013 by Zambu

    There are some passives that really help a champion, look at Anivia , her egg passive can save her ass and deny her enemies a lot of kils, or look at Karthus, he can still turn the tides of a teamfight even after death.

    Yeahh, theese two champions are known because of their passives, and there are a lot of other champions with good passives, like Singed, Galio... Etc.

    BUT THEN, you find some champions with completely useless passives. Let's take a look at Zyra, some true damage after death that can be avoided easily. Come on, I love Zyra, she has been my main champion for a loooong time, but apart from giving me one kill sometimes, it just feels weird. Edit: As most of you told me, Ashe passive is a little bit weak, because in bot lane she n…

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