There are some passives that really help a champion, look at Anivia , her egg passive can save her ass and deny her enemies a lot of kils, or look at Karthus, he can still turn the tides of a teamfight even after death.

Yeahh, theese two champions are known because of their passives, and there are a lot of other champions with good passives, like SingedGalio... Etc.

BUT THEN, you find some champions with completely useless passives. Let's take a look at Zyra, some true damage after death that can be avoided easily. Come on, I love Zyra, she has been my main champion for a loooong time, but apart from giving me one kill sometimes, it just feels weird. Edit: As most of you told me, Ashe passive is a little bit weak, because in bot lane she needs to farm, so if you wait, she'll just use the passive and never ever use it again (well, at least not in the laning fase as long as you mantain this trick of hiding until she farms).

Look at Fiora, she doesn't have good sustain because of that shitty passive, she is dreaming with Nasus passive! (but that passive would make her OP as fuck, I know

Edit: Perhaps the term USELESS isn't the one I should use, but my point is that there are passives that simply don't work; they are just weak, they don't synergize with the champion's kit and/or they are just stupid. But the champion still remains strong, because it is the kit what makes a champion.

MY QUESTION IS; Why? Why to give them theese passives? Would YOU give them this passives?

AND PLEASE, understand theese are just examples, and I may be wrong with the usefulness of some of them, but it is not the point. Also, this is not a list, so yeah, there are champions with "not that useful passives" that I haven't mentioned.

Edit: There are some passives that define a champion. There are some passives that synergize wiith the rest of that champion's kit (the kit is what makes the champion, not only a skill or the passive). ThereThere are some passives that, while being good, they don't really synergize with the champion's kit. BUT THEN there are others that are there... Because champions have passive abilities

Sorry if my English is bad, it is not my mothern language.