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  • Zararthur

    Hello everyone. It's Zararthur again, with another Custom Champion Update. While I had plans for other Champions, as a update based on Xypherous brainstorms, a with reasons to basic attack at melee, and etc, one thing came into my mind: Poppy is (most likely) the next big  Champion relaunch!!  If I don't post my Custom Update as soon as possible, it will become obsolete even before it gets off the ground!! ... Or screen. Onto it... Here !!

    Poppy is a... a... hmmm. Actually, what is Poppy? Well, I guess THAT'S the reason she's getting such a major update, her Champion role is all over the place. She's a Fighter Assassin, which means she's able to keep her ground in the front line, but can also pinpoint an enemy to go Ham & Cheese. Seems good …

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  • Zararthur

    Hello everyone!! I am Zararthur, and this is my first post ever in this Wikia ^^ Before anything else, here's what you need to know: I'm just a casual Brazilian LoL player , unranked and that hasn't been playing the game due to college and toaster issues. Still, I always try to keep myself up to whats new in the League and I'm a PBE Updates junkie.

    One of the things I do related to League of Legends is cooking up some ideas for Champion Updates. I love the whole concept of designing a Champion, but lately I haven't done a full original Champion. It's pretty hard to come up with something truly unique to drive a full kit. On the other hand, it's a little bit easier to try to deconstruct an existing Champion and try to give either some QoL ch…

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