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  • Zelmawiz

    Ive taken a long break from League and Ive only recently came back to the game. I e noticed that the whole Champion Summary thing isnt happening anymore (Infact some people have deleted the aatrox one)

    Ive played a bunch of Town of Salem and for that wikia each role has their own small biography that talks about the role's background a little. After some thought (And im mean some) Ive decided that if we are to go ahead and do the whole Champion summary thing we should do it like how ToS did it, with a community vote.

    Im thinking about hosting a sort of writing competition for each Champion with some perameters each person needs to do and then everyone voting for their favourite verson of the champion summary

    I think after a year thats its gon…

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  • Zelmawiz

    Hello, this is a blog post about the direction the game is going.

    First of all, the game is getting too slow, many champions are now focused on hitting a late game power spike that scales with a stat & levels, you cant push down inhib to nexus towers without help anymore & its nearly a nessesarity to have baron to end, & at least 3 dragons.

    There doesnt seem to have any matches that are quick or can be ended even if ahead by a margin, the only matches i can seem to end somewhat quickly (30 minutes) is with Tristana & sueing her tower taking capability by midgame. A bunch of other matches that is played usually reaches 40 minutes to 50 minutes or even an hour to end.

    This is also contributed to the current changes & kit mechanics of the new ch…

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  • Zelmawiz

    In what way does this issue a need of being shut down, the project states to peform a project to improve the wikia from two extremely early examples of descriptions & to extend to other champions to have this tag. This is no way should have been shut down on account of anything.

    What rule in this wiki states that it shouldnt be a blog post, its a project for the community & to allow the new visitors to the wiki to have information quickly, especially the newest to the league of legends community.

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  • Zelmawiz

    Okay so the champion pages Aatrox and Karthus have a short description on what they are as a champion, I request that the rest of the champions have these short descriptions so that Idiots like me can understand their design and why they were made and of cource other reasons.

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  • Zelmawiz

    Basic attacks & spells mark enemies hit with Weave for 2+(Ultimate rank) Weave, weave refreshs from basic attacks & spells but not other bounces.

    |description2 = Basic attacks on marked units causes bounces to occur, dealing modified damage to other enemies marked within a 700 range, each bounce has an individual chance of critting. }} |}}

    ??? Fires a mystical arrow at a target direction, damaging & marking enemies struck, after reaching the end of the path or hitting a unit it explodes, dealing damage in a 700 radius area

    |description2 = Over the duration, enemy units inside the eclipsed area have their magic resistance reduced by a flat amount. |leveling =

    |leveling2 = |range = X |cost = |costtype = Mana |cooldown = }} |}}

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