Xchinnin and Solwolf time it is, I am thinking of trying Double jungling and it sounds awesome. However there are flaws and things in it that will mess you up

Pros: Larger chance at an early gank success Earlier dragon Stronger Jungle control Slightly stronger late game (Unless bot lane fed) Denial of XP from one champion

Cons: Bot lane being dominated via enemy numbers Different paths may mess up plans Failed Invade (Which may not be a bad thing)

Obviously Bot lane will have a bad experience but I think if he plays a "Safe" Adc such as Jinx or Caitlyn or maybe even an Ezreal it could work. Im thinking of an Udyr and a Shyvana as Udyr has a stun and strong single target damage while Shyvana has superior AOE early on. Other champions could be possible such as Shaco's strong early on clear times or Maokai for the same reason, Udyr should be a strong asset though. Whattdayuthink?