Ive taken a long break from League and Ive only recently came back to the game. I e noticed that the whole Champion Summary thing isnt happening anymore (Infact some people have deleted the aatrox one)

Ive played a bunch of Town of Salem and for that wikia each role has their own small biography that talks about the role's background a little. After some thought (And im mean some) Ive decided that if we are to go ahead and do the whole Champion summary thing we should do it like how ToS did it, with a community vote.

Im thinking about hosting a sort of writing competition for each Champion with some perameters each person needs to do and then everyone voting for their favourite verson of the champion summary

I think after a year thats its gone into cryostasis, its time to break him out and defrost the short summary idea to intergrate it into the League of Legends Wikia

Please contact me personaly on my skype, its zelma.nero tell me your username on this website so i know who you are