With the removal of DFG, I came across a conversation upon Youtube discussing new and interesting items, thats it. Lets go in. (Also I still dont know how to format pages)

FIRST ITEM: Apfinity Adge (Taken straight from the conversation, i know its dumb)

Builds out of amplifying tome+null magic mantle to a total of  1200g (365g)

25 AP

25 MR

Unique passive: Magus breaker: 15 Magic penetration

No this is not a remake of Infninity edge, this is a simple 1200 item against high magic damage midlaners for magic damage midlaners (Huh). While Seekers has a stacking effect on it, this grants an amount of Mpen.

Next item: Shield of the cursed moon

Builds out of: Apfinity Adge+Blasting rod 3060g (1000g)

80 AP

Unique passive: Shield stealer: Dealing magic damage to enemy targets reduce magic resistances on targets hit (20%) (Half effectivity on DOT's and AOE's) and 50% of the removed MR is given to the Holder.

A powerful item on its own right, this item is flexible in both 1v1 situations, skirmashes and team fights, it can be a little based on the enemy debuffed to get substancial mr out of it but hitting multiple targets, even with the reduction, can give alot of MR. Still needs to watch out for Zeds. May be a little strong

Next item!: Shield of War

Builds out of Chain vest+B.F.Sword (I don't want to calculate values)

50 Armor

65 AD

Take a guess in what it does >.<


Builds out of: Quick silver sash+Giants belt (Still burned out)

35 MR

450 Health

Unique active: Instantly gains 50% Tenacity for 5 seconds (120 Second cooldown)

I was going to make some interesting thing about it but I'm a little burned out

Tell me what you think and ill updated it soon.tm so stay tuned

DeathKnightZelma (talk) 09:45, January 31, 2015 (UTC)