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The games are getting too long

Zelmawiz September 6, 2015 User blog:Zelmawiz

Hello, this is a blog post about the direction the game is going.

First of all, the game is getting too slow, many champions are now focused on hitting a late game power spike that scales with a stat & levels, you cant push down inhib to nexus towers without help anymore & its nearly a nessesarity to have baron to end, & at least 3 dragons.

There doesnt seem to have any matches that are quick or can be ended even if ahead by a margin, the only matches i can seem to end somewhat quickly (30 minutes) is with Tristana & sueing her tower taking capability by midgame. A bunch of other matches that is played usually reaches 40 minutes to 50 minutes or even an hour to end.

This is also contributed to the current changes & kit mechanics of the new champions, Gangplank has his barrels scale with level, he needs to farm alot through the game to get him Silver Serpents. Fiora has her passive (& ult) scale with both levels & ad. Garen has bonus armor & mr from farming, Morde gets to hit 18 earlier & takes dragons super easily. The champions coming out scale intensily into the late game now, no longer is there a strong early game champion that falls off late.

Right now, league of legends is hell on earth thanks to the juggernaut changes + every other rework since Gangplanks with Morde nuking everything with an autoattack, Garens true execute, Skarners "Skill" & Darius's free 200 ad. Fiora does absurd damage with her passive & gamgplank just crits your entire team. But this topic has been on my mind for a while now & i really do miss the days where you can snowball of a few kills. Not have someone just farm about 10 minions & gain a level to their LEVEL 13 FOURTEEN BILLION DAMAGE BONUS FROM ONE ABILITY ('nasus') & beat you again.

Also for that gragas who decided to farm jungle all game instead of helping us end in my 22/11 fiora game, fuck you.

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