Hi my first blog so bear with me ok?

Themos is meant to be a bruiser like top laner, he isnt meant to be anywhere else.


Heath:440+90 per lvl         Attack damage:46+3 per lvl

Hp5:1.5+0.25 per lvl         Attack speed:0.645+3.34% per lvl

Mana:260+55 per lvl        Armor:25+2.5 per lvl

Mp5:0.75+0.15 per lvl      Magic Resist:30+1.25 per lvl

Range:125 (Melee)          Movement speed:335

(Passive): Mauling strikes: after a 10 second cooldown, Themos's next autoattack will deal bonus damage based on his total health.

Damage:10% of total health

(Active):Poison Thorn:Themos fires a thorn in a line, dealing physical damage and poisoning the first enemy it hits, the poison lasts for 3 seconds and deals magic damage.



Initial damage:80/120/160/200/240 (60% Bonus AD)

Poison damage:33/45/57/69/81 (50% AP)

Total damage:123/165/217/269/321 (50% AP) (60% Bonus AD)

(Active):Crippling Venom: Themos strikes a nearby enemy, dealing physical damage and reducing damage and movement speed.



Damage:75/110/145/180/215 (30% Bonus AD)

Slow/Damage decrease:10%/13%/16%/19%/21%

(Active):Harpoon spike: Themos fires a harpoon thorn that latches onto terrain or a enemy, dealing magic damage damage and pulling him to the target.



Damage:50/90/130/170/210 (50% AP)

(Active):Volley of the thorns:Themos layers a target 400-radii area with thorns, silencing enemies, slowing everyone in the area and dealing physical damage to all enemies hit.


Cooldown 130/120/100

Silence duration:2 seconds


Physical damage:175/250/325 (150% Bonus AD)