I love lore, I absolutly do, but Rito doesnt care anymore. I hate how Rito makes this incredible world with a lot of backstory and potencial and just stops there. I want my Journals of Justice for me to read, I want the intricate League of legends to make a world of Valorn exist, I know that some of riot still wants lore to exist and a vote showed that most of the community wants Lore to exist but Riot has been slacking off. For example Nami. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO FIND A MOONSTONE IN THE RIFT? And fir some items, their legacy is quite amazing but I wish Riot would put more attentiveness to the backstory of the world of Valoran and more into the different items and charecters that they bring, not constantly pump out new and more ridiculous champions and keeping the epsorts scene alive.

Tl:dr, If I'm going to be a Riot games employee, I would want the lore to be fleshed out much more better (Also to balance out the game better).

Ammenment: Now that rant is over, I shall likely get ignored by most people and cry in a corner since little people share views with me