Kai, The Spiriual Swordsman


Health - 415(+84 per lvl)

Health Regen - 5.6(+0.7 per lvl)

Mana - 254(+35 per lvl)

Mana Regen - 6.6(+0.6 per lvl)

Range - 150

Attack Damage - 52(+2.7 per lvl)

Attack Speed - 0.659(+2.9% per lvl)

Armour - 16(+3.5 per lvl)

Magic Resist - 30(+1.25 per lvl)

Movement Speed - 345

Type: Support, Fighter, Melee

Passive: Odin's Blessing

Upon entering combat, all of Kai's parameters (excluding Max health and mana) are increased by 20% for 5 seconds. Afterwards, the bonus degrades at a rate of 2% a second. Kai is considered in combat when damage is taken from or dealt to champions. This cannot occur for 90 seconds after the effect has ended.

Q: Sensory Sever

Mana Cost - 40/45/50/55/60

Cooldown - 8/7.5/7/6.5/6

After 3 basic attacks, the passive and active become avaliable

Passive - Basic attacks deal 10/20/30/40/50(+10% AP) extra magic damage

Active - Attack the opponents sensory system to deal magic damage and cutting their vision to 0 for a short duration. If the target is a minion or monster, the attack deals 50% extra magic damage

Magic Damage - 60/100/140/180/220(+60% AP)

Magic Damage to Minions - 90/150/210/270/330(+90% AP)

Vision Down Duration - 0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5

Range - 500

W: Buckler Toss

Mana Cost - 50/60/65/70/80

Cooldown - 15/13.5/12/10.5/9

Kai tosses out his buckler at a target enemy to dealing magic damage to enemies hit and stunning them for 0.5 seconds before ricocheting to a random target. If there are no other targets to ricochet to, the stun duration is tripled. The stun duration does not stack.

Magic damage - 20/40/60/80/100(+20% AP)

Maximum Possible Damage (2/3/3/4/4 hits) - 40/120/180/320/400(+40%/60%/60%/80%/80% AP)

Number of bounces - 4/5/6/7/8

Range - 700

Bounce Range - 350

E: Spiritual Aegis

Mana Cost - 80 all ranks

Cooldown - 20/18.5/17/15.5/14

Focusing his spiritual energy, Kai becomes impervious to damage for 1 second. If struck by either basic attacks or spells in the duration Kai regains some health. Kai will remain still during this skill.

Health Restored - 30/70/120/180/230(+25% AP)

R: Guardian's Protection

Mana Cost - 100/150/200

Cooldown - 100/80/60

Kai will channel for 2 seconds before raising his buckler and granting all nearby allies a shield that absorbs all types of damage for 5 seconds.

Shield strength - 100/175/250(+20% AP)(+10% current health)

Shield radius - 1200 units

My first custom champ, so opinions are always welcome

I couldn't be bothered on the template as it was too complicated (yeah i know im lazy).