What is up summoners! Ok well my first blog mini series was pretty good, but it wasn't making a big impact like I wanted (started doing these because I want to promote a more friendly atmosphere, after all LoL is somewhat known for how "bad" its community is. Not sure if blogging on a wikia would fix that but whatever xD). So well I've been visiting a wikia I visit often and they have this blog known as "Monster Apprecation Week" (Monster Hunter wikia), it ended due to lacking amount of monsters, then I thought hey! League is always making new champs, hell they got a lot of champs right now. And the idea grew into this (Somewhat of a copy, but if it helps promote the community I ain't complaining). This is a series I hope to continue for a while, but lets see how it goes.

This week it's Champion Apprecation Week - Ashe

I thought a good start would be the one champion people praise Riot for as the most balanced champion in the game Ashe.

Ashe OriginalSkin


She's the first champion people get to play (well if they play tutorial). And one of the cover characters.

There are no rules, just state why you appreciate this champion (or don't, but keep the flaming to a minimum please).

Give your own great moments with Ashe. Like that snipe you pulled off, or missed by a minion. Everything counts! Show your love!

(still a work in progress, I hope to improve it as it goes, if you got ideas, i would love to hear them)

"Smart choice!" - Ashe