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Champion Appreciation Week - Janna

Zeowolf0 January 28, 2013 User blog:Zeowolf0

Hello Summoners! You know when I was looking over the champions I had on this, I noticed a lack of something, well a role. Support! See even on something like this they get left out. Well lets fix that.

This is Champion Appreciation Week - Janna

A champ with huge fanservice (then again almost all female LoL champs are), and second place on my Hottest Champion List.

With pre-season I haven't seen an increase or decrease of Janna. You know what, I never really had a Janna support me when I go ADC, I think I had one once. I do get Janna on my team, just not when I'm ADC. Anyways!

With a wealth of CC, great tower defending, and overall versitility, Janna is an excellet team player. As a mid, or support she makes her usefulness known. And a really be contender for Top 5 Plays, or Top 5 Fails.

There are no rules, just state why you appreciate this champion (or don't, but keep the flaming to a minimum please).

"The tempest is at your command." - Janna

"Yes, it's true. For only $2.95 a minute, I will leave you breathless." - Janna's joke

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