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Champion Appreciation Week - Karma

Zeowolf0 March 23, 2013 User blog:Zeowolf0

Sooo... How long has it been since I made one of these? Hmmm... Maybe a month?... Or two.. Well however long it was, it's time for a renew start, and who else better to start with? With her coming rework, lets give a week to appreciate her old mechanics and start indulging in the new.

So without further ado... This week it's Champion Appreciation Week - Karma

Hm... So it seems they're content with placing her in mid lane, but there's still hints of support.

Karma OriginalSkin

New Splash Art (Classic)

I for one did not have much experience with Karma, only had about... two... One was ok... The other was great...

With her dual nature, and her, seems, offensive orientated skills, I'm excited about what she will do with this new rework.

There are no rules, just state why you appreciate this champion (or don't, but keep the flaming to a minimum please).

"An enlightened decision." - Karma

Hmmm... I guess we all will know what a Karma is now...

  • Note - Yay I can put pictures again! =D

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