Woot, on time! What's up Summoners, another week, another champion. So it seems trying to deicide who to appreciate is the hardest part of this job, void, is it hard. Throwing around some ideas, I was going to pick Varus, until I saw TheTobarMethod's Varus blog (>_> kinda took my spotlight there... jk). Anyways I saw the "Void" Sale (Oh boy it was). So I thought of Void theme... And proof, came an idea.

This is Champion Appreciation Week - Kassadin

I've seen a slight rise of Kassadin lately, but with the wave of AD assassins mid, that rise may fall.

He's one of the harder Assassins to use (and yes I have played him, couldn't get used to him), but definitely a beast when in the right hands.

I always thought his voice would be more refined and regal as oppose to Malzahar more crazy voice, I guess technically it is but that echo makes it crazy and the way they protray Kassadin in his sales.

There are no rules, just state why you appreciate this champion (or don't, but keep the flaming to a minimum please).

"The balance of power must be preserved." - Kassadin

"I'm the Void Walker, your the Dog Walker" - PlayerPOV