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User blog:Zeowolf0/Champion Appreciation Week - Prince Jarvan Lightshield the Fourth


Champion Appreciation Week - Prince Jarvan Lightshield the Fourth

Zeowolf0 January 21, 2013 User blog:Zeowolf0

Hello Summoners another week, another champion. So this time I am stepping away from the mid zone for this week, and head back the jungle/top. This week we take the crown.

This is 'Champion Appreciation Week - 'Prince Jarvan Lightshield the Fourth (boy that's a mouth full)

The crown prince of Demacia, Swain's arch-nemesis, and a man with such great manly powers he creates an arena by simply crashing into the ground.

I don't know about you, but since pre-season started I haven't seen much of him.

From the Standard, to the pull, to shield and then some, makes him great for ganks and just beating out someone top. But, there's the infamous R.

There are no rules, just state why you appreciate this champion (or don't, but keep the flaming to a minimum please).

"By my will, this shall be finished." - Jarvan IV

"I'm Jarvan and I'm helping!" - Meme, that everyone should know already


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