What's up summoner! So how many of yous been to Vegas? Well, I live there, so I know how much of a sleight of hands you need to do card tricks, and the amount of luck into playing cards, quite a lot actually. With luck, comes skills, with skills comes mastery. That seems to be the only way when it comes to actual practice, but in Vegas all you need is luck, and plenty of it.

But this is Champion Appreciation Week - Twisted Fate

I've seen some TFs, but that was only during Season 2 since then... Nothing...

His long range pokes, coupled with his great Mana sustain makes him a pain in lane (luckily they're easy to dodge), if they gave him a "Green" card he'd be broken. He can also act like a second jungler to assist on ganks or do his owns, plus the global reveal is always nice to have.

There are no rules, just state why you appreciate this champion (or don't, but keep the flaming to a minimum please).

"Lady luck is smilin'." - Twisted Fate

"Whichever I pick you'll be suckin' my deck" - StephanosRex

 ”卡牌表示毫无压力。“ - Misaya (roughly translate to something like "Cards without pressure/Cards that have no pressure/The card sign indicated that does not have the pressure") Thanks Mineko Charat Lucky. Man need a real Chinese speaker to look and see what this really is.