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Champion Appreciation Week - Yorick

Zeowolf0 December 18, 2012 User blog:Zeowolf0

Hello Summoners! It's time for another week, so another champ to appreciate. Lets see, Noxian, Damacia, Freljord, what's missing...? How bout Shadow Isles (and Zaun, Plitover, Bandle City, Bilgewater, Ionia, The Void, Plague Jungles, Shurima Desert, etc. etc.)? A long list awaits before I can start random picking.

Anyways, I present Champion Appreciation Week - Yorick

Yorick OriginalSkin

A pain in the top lane, with most of his match-up either leaning in his favor or tie. Er not much more I can say, haven't seen alot of him recently.

There are no rules, just state why you appreciate this champion (or don't, but keep the flaming to a minimum please).

What's more fun then returning from the dead to kill the ones that killed you? Nothing that what! Revenge is sweet.

"Death is only the beginning." - Yorick

He's the only character with Y for the first letter of his name!!

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