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DotW - Party Time!!

Zeowolf0 November 22, 2012 User blog:Zeowolf0

Whatz' up Summoners! I just got this message from the League and here it is:

"We would like to inform you, that we are granting a temporary grace period where the Insitution of War will put on hold all battles taking place on the Field of War. Within this period we advise Summoners to stay home and spend time with their families. In addition Champions may return home as well. If a party is thrown, you may use the Insitution of War's lunch room, but please clean up after. Invites are limited to only 20 other Summoners and Champions combined. If any more a fee will be charged. We thank you for your time." - Insitution of War

Well Summoners, we get to throw a party! Only 20 other Summoners and/or Champions can be invited, so the question today, as the janitor for the day (was demoted for a period due to not killing a Teemo in round D=), I would like to know, who are you inviting and why? Gotta know what I'm up against. (I'm not going to give my list since I won't be taking part in this party... Sadly...)

Either way the only rule, do not go over 20, or I will have to collect a fee, and you don't have to use all 20.

I would perfer if you didn't bring:

Twitch Twitch: His stink will never leave...

Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo: WIth his tongue sticking out all the time, there would be saliva all over the floors...

Vladimir Vladimir: Blood is going to be everywhere, and everyone knows how hard it is to remove blood, plus the Insitution might think something went on there...

Brand Brand: I'm not sure if the lunch room is fire proof, so, I don't want to take any chances...

That is all, have a pleasent party, but please don't trash the place.

(If you perfer this way of my DotW, leave a note if not i'll return back to the normal way of doing my DotW)

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