Yep, I'm late, reeaaaallllyyy late, to much things IRL, but anyways I'm back. So I noticed all the visual upgrades and reworks Riots been doing. Although I love seeing them showing love for their older champs, like Ashe and Eve, but the newest one is Nidalee, and although I have nothing against here except those damn spears, there are others that I feel really need those reworks or visual upgrades. Which brings me to say, welcome to Discussion of The Week - Reworks/Visual upgrades.


1. If you really want to you can put your ideas on what the rework would be, although keep it within respectable boundaries, no literal TONS OF DAMAGE.

That's really the only rule.

So my thoughts... I really think WarwickSquare Warwick needs an upgrade visually.

His Hungering Strike Hungering Strike says, "Takes a bite out of the enemy unit" which looks more like a claw strike then a bite.

I like how his Hyena Skin gives him a new run when Blood Scent Blood Scent activates, why can't all of them get something like that? Or is it to make people buy the Hyena Skin... Hmmm...

And it would be cool if Hunter's Call Hunter's Call gave off a howl or roar like RengarSquare Rengar, while not disrupting movement still.

A rework... I would vote KarmaSquare Karma over HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger, because Heimerdinger is a solid mid laner, although not completely viable, Karma doesn't really have a place.

Yeah, she's a decent support, but she can also mid lane, none of the spot really fits though, others do each one better. Also the lack of an ult is a problem, with her mid to late game.

Come on Riot so some more love! How bout you guys? Show some love for thoses champions that desperately need one.

Wait... What's a KarmaSquare Karma?