I'm back after a really long break. I could've rant about so many things, but I choose this one. Division V.

So I recently moved up a League, woot, but still in "hell" though. I recently found out that the Leagues aren't really hell, it seems the Division is. I moved up and now in Division V of course, and dam, those people are worst then people in the previous league of Division I. I mean really, in the last division no one raged when we were behind, but in this division there were so many rage, so many blames, jeez, it was hell. And there are so many "veterns" there which is a little sad that they played so many game in a hell of a division, and can't move up.

I was ranking with my friend, and strangely no one banned Amumu, luckily we got him, my friend got him, and he's usually jungle so I thought i was fine, til I found out it was one of his "off" days. The team, of course, did their blame the faults on the jungler. I found that odd since last game in the Division I no one raged or blamed anyone.

Ugh, well anyways, I'm asking, have you ever had those moments? And what would be a good fix for them?