I tend to rant alot huh? Well venting is always a good thing.

Anyways so I was having game, and we comepletely got stomped, 16 to like 40 something, it was that bad. And I'll admit we got outplayed, no other deciding facters, but one thing that drives me nuts, is after, that comment "EZ". In the game afterwards, after all the "gg"s their jungler (who wasn't the deciding factor, that was their top, that I sadly failed against aka fed) said "EZ".

I'm usually find with that comment, but the one thing that urks me is when a person with higher skills saids that to lower skilled opponents. I mean when you're that good, you don't need to flant it. It's more them being a d*ck*ss then them trying to teach you something. Alot of new people play this game, or want to play it, and I know alot of the higher level make smurf accounts, either to stroke their egos or to really play with a friend they got to play with. But if they say something like "EZ" to a bunch of lower levels, hell I wouldn't even want to play anymore.

I guess it's a personal thing because I believe those with higher skills are suppose to act like teachers to their less skilled players, not belittle them for it.