Ok guys, if you read my profile you would know I don't like Ranked, well my friend dragged me into a Ranked Match, and I did enjoy it, played my 5 games got my rating (3/2), that is until my 6th game...

Ok this is a rant, and so I'm not in the rational mood, so I don't want to start an arguement, and this isn't the usual stuff I would do, but I (as ever human being) do need to vent every now and then.

6th game, we had one of the most angriest player I've ever played with and I mean angry as little kid + FPS angry. Complained that our adc (which apperently isn't his strongest role) fail bot lane, which he did, kept yelling "I CAN'T CARRY THIS" blah blah blah. Screamed about every little thing, such as losing a teamfight, which he wasn't even there for! And he was the one pinging to start the fight...

Finally we learn that he's 1800 Elo player, playing his friends account to get him out of elo hell.

So my logic to this guy is -

1. If i can get my friend out of "hell", that makes him "good"

2. Being high elo means I can be a D*ck about it

With that over I got a few questions

1. What's so important about ranked games?

I've had less angry teammates in normals. I know it's a little more competetive but that's only because you can counterpick.

2. Are all "high" elo players complete d*cks?

This is a generalization, and probably faulty, but I want to know. If they are then I give up on ranked completely...

3. This is a clairification. If you don't belong in Elo Hell, then you should be able to carry yourself out of it right?

I mean if you have a troll on your team, then there is equal chance that the opponent's team has a troll in it as well isn't it?

Well that's it with this, ZeoWolf out.

Last note, I know I lack experience to make judgement, but for now I want to know from you guys that have played 50+ Ranked Games.