So I was playing a game. Our mid gets ganked and our jungler was able to counter gank. Both sides took a lot of damage, our jungler died, their mid died. It was just their jungler and our mid. Our mid got beat pretty bad but before their jungler could deliver the final blow he d/cs. Our mid escaping. Still d/ced our mid comes back to lane and kills the jungler, it didn't announce that he d/ced so he was still in lane smacking minions.

My little rant today is, that at the end of the game, they called our mid, "scumbags", etc.

What I was pissed at is that it's fair game (in my eyes) and they would've done the excat same thing. During that same game, I was d/ced for the first 5-6 mins, and as adc that isn't good. That didn't stop their adc or support from farming and harrassing my support. And when I did come back harrassing me, and their jungler came bot more times, then my jungler did, luckily my support was good and placed wards, but that's going off the topic.

So my questions for you guys, would you have killed him? And if someone else did would you be all up in their case? Would you sake victory before honor? or vice versa?

(btw we won that game, but not because of our mid, he fell off late game, and started to fed (unintentionally) me and our top carried legit)