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Choosing a Support

Hey everyone, I've been using this wiki for quite some time now, but I just now signed up for an account. I've seen many questions get answered here, so I figured this would be the place to ask.

Which Support characters go well with which Ranged AD carries?

I ask this because support is probably my favorite role to play, and I've decided that to be the best support player I can be, I should get all the usual support champions. I almost have all of them, but I wonder- which support champs work the best with which ranged carries? For example, I've noticed that Soraka seems to work well with Varus, because he can harass enemies with his long-range sniping ability and not have to worry about mana. Ezreal seems to be a fine pick with Soraka as well, due to his mana-hungry early game.

So what about Taric? And Lulu? Janna? Alistar? And the others? Which carries do they work the best with? I'd like to be able to choose a support champ based on the ranged carry I'll be laning with.

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