• Zerofighter220

    The first time i saw League of Legends was early in the last year (I found the E-mail: 16.04.2010). My brother was playing it with his friends. I watched him and was interested in it. So i decided to install it. In this time League of Legends belonged to GOA. Why I'm playing it? It's very funny to play with friends or against friends and in every game you have a challenge. You have to defeat your rivals.This is the clue. In many games a team only want to kill someone. But I'm the one who is destroying their tower - for the win! So you can use many tactics. From backdooring to cautious playing. League of Legends is fun, is rage, is tactic, but thats the reason I play it.

    My favourite Champion?? The truth? I don't have a favourite Champion. I…

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