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    )*(initial cooldown of the ability). AoE abilities deal 75% less damage. You can lifesteal from the damage |menu = Magic > Ability Power |buy = 3600g (1140g) |sell = 2520g |code = 3089 }}

    • (1050g)
    • (1600g)
    • (400g)
    • 950g

    Currently hybrid champions leak itemization, therefore Riot increased the AP and AD ratios of most hybrid champions, so that they have the option to go EITHER AP OR AD. The high ratios are temporare salvation to the hybrid-class-problem, it will be fixed sooner or later. With this item many of those champions (and other champions who are not intended to be build hybrid (pantheon/lee sin)) would become overpowered and therefore need new balancing.

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    plz write ur thoughts in the comments, explain what u like and what u dont like and why, thx.

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    Hi community,

    i dont play AD carries that much, but i lately go often bot as support (blitz, j4, soraka (well only soraka if my team asks for it) and i realized that many AD carries run oom very fast, so thought about getting manamanipulator or clarity on my supp, but it seems to me like an unviable idea, cause

    1. manamanipulator only builds into soulshroud (which isnt always good, i think) and

    2.clarity costs 1 summoner-spell-slot, which is priceless.

    also getting manamune or chalice is somewhat bad on the AD carry (i saw many players be not able to farm manamune properly and i never see a AD carry getting chalice in any situation of the game)

    so the idea to change zerks came to my idea, since

    1. every AD carry has mana (even the unofficial one…

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    Sheen and Trinity Force offer a passive abiltiy, from which many AD-oriented champions would benefit, but due to the stats this item offers (which are good for AP-oriented champions) it is only usefull to a handfull of champions, while the others have to look for alternatives.

    On the other hand many mages would benefit from the Lich Bane passive early, due to their low base attackdamage.

    Sheen and Trinity Force are items, which were introduced already in September 19, 2009 (beta phase), during this time most of the champions had mana and AP ratios on their abilities

    (olaf used to have 0.5 AP ratio on his q)

    Sheen is build in items with complete different purpose (AD and AP), splitting the item in two may solve the problem.

    Sheen is an advanced …

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    • (700g)
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    • 960g

    • does passive damage, and can improve tanking ability, as it will pull enemy Turret aggro if it damages an enemy champion.

    1. The components of Sunfire Cape are very expensive (other itmes can be build from smaller and cheaper items, while Sunfire cape only builds from expensive items (expensive for tanks)).
    2. It falls of a lot later when the enemy gets some health and/or magic resistance (leveling up will be usually enough).

    plz leave a comment, in which u explain ur decision, ty.

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