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Staff of Delusion is a suggested advanced item.


Zilla 4444 Staff of delusion

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  • The magic resistance shred applied by Staff of Delusion can reduce magic resistance below 0, causing you to deal increased damage.
  • The magic resistance shred does not apply to structures, only to units: champions, minions, and neutral monsters (except Baron NashorSquare Baron Nashor and DragonSquare Dragon).
  • Staff of Delusion debuff counts per target, so the same enemy can only have applied 3 stacks of the debuff even when hit by multiple holders of the item.
  • The very first ability does not get the benefit of the armor reduction. Magical damage from the ability is calculated first, and the debuff is applied after. This means the full benefit of the reduction is seen on the 3rd hit after all 2 debuffs have been applied.


  • The buff won't be applied, if the target is an ally or self (Taric's Imbue)
  • The buff wont be applied, by toggle abilities (such as Singed's poison trail)
  • The buff will only be applied once per cast, DoT-effects will apply the buff only once (Morgana's Tormented Soil, Karthus' Defile).
  • The AP Version of Black Cleaver is not Malady (Malady is the Hybrid Version of BC), since Malady gives Attack Speed (Mages cant make use of this stat), further more the way to trigger the Magic Resistance Shred is not in the favor of Mages either, since they have to auto attack for 4 times till they can make full use of the Shred.
  • The AP Version of BC is not Abyssal Scepter either, Abyssal Scepter debuffs the targets and is an AoE Magic Resistance reduction, the AD equivalent would be Stark's Fevor, but this item has been removed from the game (it might be reintroduced someday)

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