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The Dilemma

Sheen and Trinity Force offer a passive abiltiy, from which many AD-oriented champions would benefit, but due to the stats this item offers (which are good for AP-oriented champions) it is only usefull to a handfull of champions, while the others have to look for alternatives.

On the other hand many mages would benefit from the Lich Bane passive early, due to their low base attackdamage.

Sheen and Trinity Force are items, which were introduced already in September 19, 2009 (beta phase), during this time most of the champions had mana and AP ratios on their abilities

(olaf used to have 0.5 AP ratio on his q)


Sheen is build in items with complete different purpose (AD and AP), splitting the item in two may solve the problem.

Sheen is an advanced item in League of Legends.


Builds into


Builds into


  • With these changes many champions, who were not able to use this item efficient, are able to make full use of either the AD or the AP version.

Alternate Suggestion

While the current passive seems to be fine on both (AD- and AP champions), the stats aren't optimal, so changing the stats into general benfit stats might solve the problem, too.


Builds into

Reasoning for Alternate Version

  • The Armor allows AP-champions to start with cloth armor when jungling or going top (Mordekaiser, Rumble, Vladimir...), without the need to sell it later again.
  • Give AP-champions the ability to counter AD-Bruisers, who go mid already in early stage (without the need to buy a chainvest early, or waste money by not being able to upgrade the clotharmor purchased early into a proper item (ninja tabis or frozen heart arent goodd items for AP-carries)
  • While there are many manaless champions, among the manaless champions there are many, who have at least some kind of ability power scaling (yes, it is usually weak, unless they are AP champions).