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  • Zilverdael

    As people asked me to explain my views on itemsets and what exactly I mean with it, so here comes a massive wall of text explaining why I think seperate itemsets are a good idea, how they would work, what is needed to make them work, and why the current situation is not good.

    First what is the basic idea? The idea is to seperate items per archetype or per champion. In doing so certain combinations of items and champions will no longer be possible. Certain items would be available to multiple archetypes or champions, and in certain cases one could make several versions of the same item. For example Ravenous Hydra could be made into a ADC version, with high damage, a bruiser version, with lower damage but better defenses, and a tank version w…

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  • Zilverdael

    Nidalee stuff

    June 5, 2014 by Zilverdael

    Right, I shall post a 'suggestion of myself now as to how she should be changed, stealing ideas left and right ^^ I will post close to no numbers as that's all subject to balancing and my focus is on the mechanics, if it turns out to be 90% ap or 80% isn't that important... Also don't mind the formatting and lack of pictures... and giant wall of text incomming

    Passive: Prowl: increased movementspeed as now, however, if she is visible to an enemy unit the effect is dimished (maybe removed). Wards do not count as units, nor do stuff like teemo's shrooms or jaco's boxes. Why? Prowling involves sneaking up on people, if they can see you there's no sneaking up.. also, it diminishes her ability to chase/escape slightly. Personally I don't like ho…

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