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    Champion Concept: Ukog

    February 16, 2012 by Zmaddnes


    The Warrior Prodigy

    Ukog was a warrior bred for battle on a small island off of Valoran. He became the strongest of his clan and fought the other clans until he ran out of enemies. So when he learns of news of the strong in the league he decides, through a combination of swimming and finding passing boats, go to Valoran and join the league.

    Hp: 440+(86) Attack Damage: 56+(3.2)

    Hp Regen 7.2+(.8) Attack speed: 0.699+(2.8%)

    Energy: 200 (Mannaless) Armor: 18+(3.2)

    Energy regen: 50 Magic Resist: 30+(1.25)

    Range: 125 Move Speed: 320

    Innate: (Battle Born Warrior) After any 3 auto attacks or abilities Ukog’s AD is increased by 3/lv1, 5/lv6, 8/lv11, 11/lv16 for 4 seconds (can stack 3 times).

    Q: Burst Combo- Ukog does a sweep kick in a cone in front of …

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