The Warrior Prodigy

Ukog was a warrior bred for battle on a small island off of Valoran. He became the strongest of his clan and fought the other clans until he ran out of enemies. So when he learns of news of the strong in the league he decides, through a combination of swimming and finding passing boats, go to Valoran and join the league.

Hp: 440+(86) Attack Damage: 56+(3.2)

Hp Regen 7.2+(.8) Attack speed: 0.699+(2.8%)

Energy: 200 (Mannaless) Armor: 18+(3.2)

Energy regen: 50 Magic Resist: 30+(1.25)

Range: 125 Move Speed: 320

Innate: (Battle Born Warrior) After any 3 auto attacks or abilities Ukog’s AD is increased by 3/lv1, 5/lv6, 8/lv11, 11/lv16 for 4 seconds (can stack 3 times).

Q: Burst Combo- Ukog does a sweep kick in a cone in front of him that slows enemies and can be activated again within 2 seconds to do a short range punch in the direction he is facing.

Kick Damage- 60/90/120/160/210+(0.8 bonus AD)

Punch Damage- 40/60/80/100/140+(0.3 bonus AD)

Hidden power Punch Damage- 60/90/120/150/210+(0.45 bonus AD)

W: Afterimage Dash- Ukog dashes a short distance becoming untargetable for .5 sec and gaining armor and MR for 3 seconds afterwards.

Armor and MR- 10/20/30/40/50

Hidden power Armor and MR- 20/40/60/80/100

E: Rush Combo- Ukog charges a combo for 5 seconds and then dashes forward a long distance and does damage to every enemy he dashes through. This move can be activated early to dash a shorter distance and do less damage.

Damage- 60/100/150/200/250+(0.2 AD per second charged)

Hidden power Damage- 30/50/75/100/125+(0.1 AD per second charged)

R: Hidden power- Ukog gains all stacks from his innate doubling the AD and increasing the duration to 10 seconds. When activated all Ukogs abilities come of cooldown and his moves do bonus effects.

· Burst Combo- The kick Knocks enemies up and the punch does 150% damage.

· Afterimage Dash- Doubles the armor and MR bonus.

· Rush Combo- The charge is reduced to 2.5 seconds and can activate again within 2 seconds to dash back to combo start to do 50% damage to enemies he passes through.