• Zulfurya

    DISCLAIMER Rin is a fictional character in the universe of Runeterra made by Rinidinger/Rin the Yordle. I do not own the images nor created the character Rin. They are all made by and belong to Rinidinger/Rin the Yordle herself.

    You can find her twitter, twitch and other medias below. Twitch channel Twitter Youtube channel Tumblr

    The idea was to take on her character and create a concept ability for her, pitch her as a candidate to represent and hopefully inspire ideas for the next female yordle.

    Link to Champion insight.

    Rin gains |}} ' when affected by for its duration and loses it all whenever she lands. While affected, Rin can deploy her to retain it last 12 seconds, which After 6 seconds will decay by 1 every 2 seconds to a minimum of 1 '.


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  • Zulfurya

    Irelia Rework

    October 24, 2017 by Zulfurya


    Irelia' readies a ' that levitates above her every seconds, up to a maximum of 6. This time is further reduced by 0.5 seconds for each enemy champion around her.

    |description2 = After casting an ability, Irelia's next basic attack will expend up to 2 of her ', thrusting them on nearby enemies, prioritizing enemies who would die to the strike and enemy champions. |description3 = ' deal % AD|AD}} physical damage and heal Irelia' for (4level)}} health}}, applying on-hit effects as a attack including life steal and can but cannot affect structures. |effect radius= 600 |target range = 350 |targeting = Crown of Blades is a self-targeted buff with on-cast effect and on-attack effect component. |onhiteffects = Blades appli…

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