• Zyranna

    Did you know...

    November 21, 2012 by Zyranna

    Guys, for all my fans out there everyday I will be doing a fact about league of legends EVERYDAY ;P

    Soo..nontheless let's get to the fact of the day!

    Sejuani Counter: Did you know that if Sejuani Q's Anivia's crystallize I litterally BREAKS! If you wanna see this in action here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8RnGNnTxac

    Thanks, and get ready for the next Lol fact of the day :D

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  • Zyranna

    Hello there once again but I have some idea's I think I would like to share with you guys. To be clear If you don't know what a hidden passive is then let me tell you: Ex. When Leona eclipses Zyra, Zyra's In-Gmae model grows. If you don't believe me then go test it yourself or even youtube it! I GARENtee you will see what I mean. Regardless of what I said, here are some hidden passive idea's I think that should be in the game.(For fun or for minior advantages)Enogh said, let's get to it!

    Surfer Singed: As you all know there is a new champion coming called Nami. Well this is a hidden passive

    regarding to Singed where when Nami ults a enemy Singed and he has the surfer singed skin he quickly surfs the

    tide of Nami's ulti. I haven't decided ye…

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  • Zyranna

    vvv*READ ME*vvv

    Hello summoners, I am in desperate need for a ranked team. I mean im tired of elo hell and I want to improve my elo

    by atleast 300 (if possible) than last years. My elo last year is 1212 and im sure you dont care much but, I would like

    to find people who are skilled in this game and are looking for a team as much as I am. Anyways, I am looking for

    the roles im not good at or usually dont play on. I ap mid mainly if I cant get that, Im for sure support. So basically I

    need a top,jungler,support and adc. Feel free to reply anything you want and guys I REALLY want to know. My in-

    game name is Vancelia so you can add me after this and we can have a lil'ol chat or you can just search me up for

    my Mhistory etc.

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  • Zyranna

    Well hello there dear "summoners" (hehe) I've made a new champion concept that is based of one of my dreams. Please don't laugh at my ideas and no rude comments are required. Thanks :P

    League Of Legends champion concept: Rayna, the heart of Noxus

    *Skip this if you just want to get to the skills!* :3

    Rayna is a complex Ap mage and is a very unique champion and holds very hidden potential and pride. She is the first champion to utilitize the "magus" bar (the bar that usually is mana). The power of magus gives her massive regen(double the speed of energy) on her bottom bar but only gets 300 magus at ALL times. All of her skills do not exceed over 300 magus. With fur-ther-a-do let me present to you my 4th(I belive)champion concept!

    Rayna's Passive…

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  • Zyranna

    ik,ik for some reason im on a rols for making mages idk why but hopefully you guys like :P

    CHAMPION CONCEPT: Viotletta the elementalist

    • NOTICE* Violetta can pick up her r abality like udyr and karma and jayce

    almost like sona or udyr she has a elemental aura depending on which skill she has on toggle

    plz no rude comments..as you can imagine how down-right mean it is- thanks, and hope you enjoy :D

    Passive: Every time Violetta switches "stances" she gains up to 20-100 ap depending on her lvl, to reach the maximum of 100 ap she must switch stances 5 times. she has 8 seconds before her ap stance resets.

    Violetta's Q: Earth form- in this state Violetta passively gains armour and magic resist by 10/15/20/25/30 while in this form. while active the ro…

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