Rosenda the queen of the void is a Mage

Her passive is: psychic disruption enemy's that land basic attacks on her have a 10% chance to get stunned for 1 second

Her Q ability: passively gives her armour based on 1%/1.2%/1.4%/1.5%/1.6% of her mana Active: shoots spikes from her body dealing 90/120/160/210/255 magic damage to nearby enemys in a range of 400 cd:4 seconds Ap ratio: 0.6

Her W: summons a void minion permanatly that serves her and nearby allies. The void minion has a couple skills: the void minions auto attack damage deals 50-105 ad damage and passively gets more based on how low Rosendas health is when the void minion is slain rosenda gets weaker losing 10% of her stats for 8 seconds the void comes back after 30 seconds The void minion can walk thought walls and has no unit collision. The void Minions last skill slices a nearby enemy's in a circle dealing 30-170 physical dmg depending on LVL.

Her E: rises all nearby enemy's and moves them to a location all enemys after being raised drop and get crippled for 10/20/30/40/50% attk speed reduced and slowed by 35/40/50/55/60%

Her ult: raises 12 imps that fight for her dealing 10/20/30 true physical damage thay cannot be controlled.the imps last 50 seconds and have 100/200/300 hp EACH

I hope you liked and no rude comments plz