Hello there once again but I have some idea's I think I would like to share with you guys. To be clear If you don't know what a hidden passive is then let me tell you: Ex. When Leona eclipses Zyra, Zyra's In-Gmae model grows. If you don't believe me then go test it yourself or even youtube it! I GARENtee you will see what I mean. Regardless of what I said, here are some hidden passive idea's I think that should be in the game.(For fun or for minior advantages)Enogh said, let's get to it!

Surfer Singed: As you all know there is a new champion coming called Nami. Well this is a hidden passive

regarding to Singed where when Nami ults a enemy Singed and he has the surfer singed skin he quickly surfs the

tide of Nami's ulti. I haven't decided yet but I think if surfer singed is on the ally team and gets the bonus from

Nami, he should be able to the same thing. (For longer)

Leona and Diana: When both Leona and Diana charge at eachother, and when I mean charge at eachother like

leona's Zenith blade and Diana's ulti at the same time they create a solitce. This solitce makes a AoE effect with a

diameter of 600. This AoE damage's everything in the AoE and deals 5 true damage to all units.

Zyra and Nami: In addtion to Nami's passive affecting ally units, when ever Nami's spells hit Zyra she heals Zyra for 0.3 percent of her max health. Also using water on Zyra's plants heals the plant for one stick of health.

Kog maw: When ever Kog' maw gets cocooned by Elise while Kog'Maw is in his butterfly skin, he gets bonus armour and magic resistance by 5 for 3 seconds.

Well guys thats it but Tell me what you think it means alot to me :P Thanks alot -Vancelia