vvv*READ ME*vvv

Hello summoners, I am in desperate need for a ranked team. I mean im tired of elo hell and I want to improve my elo

by atleast 300 (if possible) than last years. My elo last year is 1212 and im sure you dont care much but, I would like

to find people who are skilled in this game and are looking for a team as much as I am. Anyways, I am looking for

the roles im not good at or usually dont play on. I ap mid mainly if I cant get that, Im for sure support. So basically I

need a top,jungler,support and adc. Feel free to reply anything you want and guys I REALLY want to know. My in-

game name is Vancelia so you can add me after this and we can have a lil'ol chat or you can just search me up for

my Mhistory etc.