Well hello there dear "summoners" (hehe) I've made a new champion concept that is based of one of my dreams. Please don't laugh at my ideas and no rude comments are required. Thanks :P

League Of Legends champion concept: Rayna, the heart of Noxus

*Skip this if you just want to get to the skills!* :3

Rayna is a complex Ap mage and is a very unique champion and holds very hidden potential and pride. She is the first champion to utilitize the "magus" bar (the bar that usually is mana). The power of magus gives her massive regen(double the speed of energy) on her bottom bar but only gets 300 magus at ALL times. All of her skills do not exceed over 300 magus. With fur-ther-a-do let me present to you my 4th(I belive)champion concept!

Rayna's Passive:3%/6%/9 % of the damage that Rayna does is coverted into bonus true damage.

Rayna's Q, Decayed skull barrage: Rayna shoots out 5 consecutive skulls at enemy unit thatdeal damage to the target and decrease the targets speed per skull (Kinda like rumbles Electro harpoon like how the slow stacks)additionally the poison stacks as well.

Damage per skull: 25/40/60/70/85 Magus cost per skull: 20/20/30/30/45 CD: 0.5 seconds

Speed decrease per skull: 3%/5%/7%/9%/12%

Rayna's W, Vengeful solstice: Rayna shoots a mystic beam at a target champion and deals true damage. This beam Dots(Damage over times) targets over 6 seconds also it passes through all units.

True damage:70/120/155/180/205 Magus cost:60/80/100/120/120 CD:10/9/8/7/6 Secs

Dot damage(magic damage)3%/4%/4.5%/5.5%/6%

Rayna's E, The weaks grasp: Rayna summons a large AoE that ensnares enemys.The snare lashes from the ground within 2.5 seconds.(Like swains AoE but like 2x the AoE). Additonally,they get they're armour and magic resistance.

Snare duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 Seconds Magus cost: 100 CD: 29/26/23/18/14

Armour and magic resist reduction: 10/20/30/40/50

Rayna's Ult, Heart lance: Rayna creates the ultimate beam (not even close like lux's) Although before it shoots it charges for 3 seconds.(can be silenced,knocked up, etc.) She can aim the beam where she want's and deals X amount of damage over 5 seconds.If targets are very close to the beam it knocks them back.

Ult damage:300/450/550 Magus cost:130 CD:120/60/30 Secs.

Knockback range: 800/1,000/1,500 Ult range: 3,000

Welp. There it is i really hope you guys like it and please again no rude comments. Other than that ALL COMMENTS are allowed, Thanks -Vancelia (P.S That's my real name for League of Legends or something :3.)