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The following skins were released along with this patch.

The following skins were released along with this patch, but were not available for purchase until Monday, January 24.

In addition, the following skin was released along with this patch, but was not available for purchase until Monday, September 26, 2011. V1.27.47

  • Fixed a bug where selecting a Skin late in the countdown process would produce an error.
  • Fixed a bug where players that had been disconnected from chat could not enter the Matchmaking queue.

League of Legends V1.0.0.109


RenektonSquare Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands

  • Renekton uses a new resource system called Fury. Renekton gains Fury by attacking or dealing damage with spells. When he has gathered enough Fury, the resource will be expended to empower his skills with bonus effects.
  • Cull the Meek Cull the Meek: Renekton swings his blade, dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing for a portion of the damage dealt.
    • Fury Bonus: Heal amount raised dramatically.
  • Ruthless Predator Ruthless Predator: Renekton's next attack swings twice, dealing damage, plus a large portion of his base damage, stunning his target briefly and applying on-hit effects each time.
    • Fury Bonus: Renekton's next attack swings three times, dealing a huge portion of his weapon damage, stunning his target greatly and applying on-hits each time.
  • Slice Slice: Renekton dashes forward, dealing physical damage to targets along the way. If he hits a target, he can use Dice Dice for a brief period of time for the same effect.
    • Fury Bonus: Renekton deals 50% increased damage and reduces the armor of units hit.
  • Dominus Dominus (Ultimate): Renekton empowers himself with dark energy, gaining size and bonus health. He deals periodic damage to enemies around him and rapidly gains Fury.
  • Reign of Anger Reign of Anger (Innate): Renekton gains 5 Fury per autoattack. Having sufficient fury empowers Renekton’s abilities with bonus effects, but this drains Fury. Out of combat, Renekton loses 5 Fury per second.
CaitlynSquare Caitlyn
  • Piltover Peacemaker Piltover Peacemaker
    • Base damage changed to 20/65/110/155/200 from 40/70/100/130/160.
    • Attack damage scaling increased to 1.3 from 1.
    • Damage loss per unit increased to 10% from 6%.
    • Maximum damage loss increased to 50% from 30%.
  • Ace in the Hole Ace in the Hole
    • Base damage increased to 250/475/700 from 250/400/550.
    • Now provides vision on the target for the duration and thus is not canceled when the target leaves line of sight.
    • Damage is now treated as a spell instead of an attack.
    • No longer triggers on-hit effects like Blessing of the Lizard Elder.png Blessing of the Lizard Elder.
    • Now triggers spell effects like Rylai's Crystal Scepter item Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
    • Cannot be dodged or blocked by PantheonSquare Pantheon's Aegis Protection Aegis Protection.
    • Fixed a bug where it didn't scale from the Havoc mastery 2011.png Havoc mastery.
Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath
  • Feast Feast
    • Now loses half stacks (rounded up) instead of 3 stacks on death.
      • This is inconsistent with the last known change during V1.0.0.86.

EvelynnSquare Evelynn

  • Stats:
    • Base mana reduced to 180 from 212.
    • Mana per level increased to 42 from 38.
    • Base damage reduced to 48 from 53.
    • Damage per level increased to 3.3 from 2.9.
    • Base armor reduced to 12.5 from 14.75.
  • Hate Spike Hate Spike: mana cost increased to 12/15/18/21/24 from 8/10/12/14/16.
  • Shadow Walk Shadow Walk:
    • Duration reduced to 10/20/30/40/50 from 20/30/40/50/60.
    • Cooldown reduced to 12/11/10/9/8 from 12 at all ranks upon breaking stealth.
  • Malice and Spite Malice and Spite: duration reduced to 10 seconds from 15.

GarenSquare Garen

  • Judgment Judgment: bonus attack damage scaling increased to 120% from 100% per second.
HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger
  • Hextech Affinity Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    • Fixed a bug where it provided less health regeneration than stated.
  • H-28G Evolution Turret H-28G Evolution Turret
    • Improved Turret AI so they will prioritize attacking champions that attack Heimerdinger.
    • Turrets now work on an ammo system (25 second ammo cooldown).
    • 1 second placement cooldown.
    • Level up progression reversed for ranks 2 and 3.
      • Rank 2 - Places armor and magic resistance reducing green turrets.
      • Rank 3 - Places two turrets.
    • Turrets bonus health on rank 4 increased to 125 from 100.
    • Turrets now gain 15 health per Heimerdinger level down from 21.
    • Turret magic resistance increased to 80 from 60.
    • Tooltip now references 'turrets' rather than 'towers'.

JaxSquare Jax

  • Leap Strike Leap Strike: cooldown reduced to 13/11/9/7/5 from 17/14/11/8/5.
  • Counter Strike Counter Strike now shows a brighter particle when Jax has recently dodged an attack and Counter Strike is ready.

KatarinaSquare Katarina

  • Shunpo Shunpo: base damage changed to 80/120/160/200/240 from 90/120/150/180/210.

KennenSquare Kennen

LuxSquare Lux

  • Stats
    • Fixed a bug that caused Lux to have 0 base mana regeneration.

MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser

  • Shield decay reduced to 3% from 5%.

NasusSquare Nasus

  • Base movement speed increased to 325 from 320.
  • Siphoning Strike Siphoning Strike: damage bonus per kill increased to 3 from 2.
OlafSquare Olaf
  • Undertow Undertow
    • Base damage reduced to 50/90/130/170/210 from 65/110/155/200/245.
    • Attack damage scaling increased to 50% from 30%.
    • Fixed a bug where it was dealing too much damage.

PantheonSquare Pantheon

  • Aegis of Zeonia Aegis of Zeonia: stun duration reduced to 0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3/1.5 seconds from 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.

SivirSquare Sivir

  • Ricochet Ricochet:
    • Damage loss per bounce increased to 25% from 22%.
    • Bounce radius reduced to 450 from 500.

TaricSquare Taric

  • Fixed a bug with Radiance Radiance where it would cause performance issues while on.
TryndamereSquare Tryndamere
  • Battle Fury Battle Fury
    • Passive critical chance increased to 10% + 0.4% per % missing health +0.5% per % missing health.
  • Undying Rage Undying Rage
    • Duration reduced to 5 seconds from 6.

TwitchSquare Twitch

  • Base attack range increased to 500 from 475.
  • Ambush Ambush:
    • Duration reduced to 10/20/30/40/50 from 20/30/40/50/60.
    • Attack speed bonus now reaches its maximum duration twice as fast.

WarwickSquare Warwick

  • Blood Scent Blood Scent now properly remembers toggle state when you respawn.

Xin ZhaoSquare Xin Zhao

ZileanSquare Zilean



  • Ardor mastery 2011.png Ardor
    • Now provides all of its benefit at level 1 rather than half at level 1 and the other half scaling up to level 18.
    • Fixed bugs where Ardor was not counting Ability Power and Attack Speed from many sources - essentially anything that wasn't an item.
    • Fixed a bug where Ardor and Rabadon's Deathcap item Rabadon's Deathcap were double multiplicative.
    • Clarified the tooltip.


  • We have changed how critical strike and dodge chance work. You will now get fewer ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ streaks where you get no critical hits/dodges in a row, or a lot of them in a row. Your average chance to get a crit is the same as before though – if you have a 50% crit rate, and you make 100 attacks, you’ll still crit about 50 times.
  • Baron Nashor Baron Nashor's Wrath of the Ancients spell no longer targets stealthed units.
  • Jungle monsters that previously had negative magic resistance now have magic resistance of zero.
  • Monster camps will now properly update when scouted with vision.
  • Chat will now display the Champion being played by the person who is speaking.


  • The following change appeared on the official patch notes but wasn't implemented until the next patch:

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League of Legends - Patch Day Preview January 18, 2011

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