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New Skins in the Store

The following skin was added along with this patch but it was not made available until Thursday, January 18.

The following skin was added along with this patch but it has not been made available until Wednesday, January 23.

League of Legends V1.0.0.154


Thresh Thresh, the Chain Warden (Added January 23)

  • Damnation.png Damnation (Innate)
    • Thresh can harvest the souls of the enemies that die near him, permanently granting him armor and ability power.
  • Death Sentence.png Death Sentence (Q)
    • Thresh's attacks wind up, dealing more damage the longer he waits between attacks. When activated, Thresh binds an enemy in chains and pulls them towards him. Activating this ability a second time pulls Thresh to the enemy.
  • Dark Passage.png Dark Passage (W)
    • Thresh throws out a lantern that shields nearby allied Champions from damage. Allies can click the lantern to dash to Thresh.
  • Flay.png Flay (E)
    • Thresh sweeps his chain, knocking all enemies hit in the direction of the blow.
  • The Box.png The Box (Ultimate)
    • Thresh creates a prison of walls that slow and deal damage if broken.

Alistar Alistar

  • Stats
    • Base movement speed increased to 330 from 325.
  • Headbutt.png Headbutt
    • Range increased to 650 from 600.

Amumu Amumu

  • Cursed Touch.png Cursed Touch
    • Magic resist reduction reduced to 15/20/25 from 15/25/35.

Annie Annie

  • Disintegrate.png Disintegrate
    • Mana cost reduced to 60/65/70/75/80 from 60/70/80/90/100.
  • Incinerate.png Incinerate
    • Targeting cone is now attached to Annie.
  • Molten Shield.png Molten Shield
    • Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 16.
    • Duration reduced to 5 seconds from 8.

Blitzcrank Blitzcrank

  • Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier
    • Cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 60.
  • Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab
    • Will now give vision when it hits a target.

Cho'Gath Cho'Gath

  • Feral Scream.png Feral Scream
    • Targeting cone is now attached to Cho'Gath.

Corki Corki

  • Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun
    • Mana cost reduced to 60/65/70/75/80 from 60/70/80/90/100.

Diana Diana

  • Pale Cascade.png Pale Cascade
    • Orb detonation has been adjusted to better match Diana's basic attack range.
    • Shield duration increased to 5 seconds from 4.
  • Lunar Rush.png Lunar Rush
    • Cast range increased to 825 from 750.

Evelynn Evelynn

  • Hate Spike.png Hate Spike
    • Mana cost increased to 16/22/28/34/40 from 14/18/22/26/30.
    • Bonus attack damage ratio increased to 0.5 from 0.4.
  • Ravage.png Ravage
    • Damage reduced at later ranks to 35/55/75/95/115 from 35/60/85/110/135.
    • Bonus attack damage ratio increased to 0.5 from 0.4.
  • Agony's Embrace.png Agony's Embrace
    • Damage changed to 15/20/25% of the target's current health from 15/20/25% of their max health.
    • Cooldown increased to 150/120/90 seconds from 120/90/60.
    • Cast range reduced to 650 from 800.

Ezreal Ezreal

  • Stats
    • Base attack speed reduced to 0.625 from 0.665.

Kassadin Kassadin

  • Force Pulse.png Force Pulse
    • Fixed an issue where Force Pulse would sometimes fire backward after using Rift Walk.

Katarina Katarina

  • Stats
    • Base movement speed reduced to 345 from 350.
  • Sinister Steel.png Sinister Steel
    • Movement speed adjusted to 15/20/25/30/35% from 12/20/28/36/44%.

Kennen Kennen

  • Basic attack has been retuned so it's more responsive.

Kha'Zix Kha'Zix

  • Unseen Threat.png Unseen Threat
    • Damage reduced to 15-190 from 15-220.
    • Slow reduced to 25% from 35%.
  • Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear
    • Bonus attack damage ratio reduced to 1.5 from 1.6.
    • Isolation bonus attack damage ratio reduced to 2.0 from 2.4.

Lee Sin Lee Sin

  • Safeguard.png Safeguard
    • Fixed a bug where the tooltip incorrectly stated that Lee Sin regained energy when the shield was broken.
  • Iron Will.png Iron Will
    • No longer grants armor while active.
    • Life steal and spell vamp increased to 5/10/15/20/25% from 5/9/13/17/21%.
  • Cripple.png Cripple
    • Slow amount reduced to 20/30/40/50/60% from 30/37.5/45/52.5/60%.
    • Range reduced to 600 from 800.

Mordekaiser Mordekaiser

Nami Nami

  • Stats
    • Base movement speed increased to 335 from 330.
  • Aqua Prison.png Aqua Prison
    • Cooldown reduced to 14/13/12/11/10 seconds from 16/14.5/13/11.5/10.
  • Tidal Wave.png Tidal Wave: Missile speed increased to 850 from 750.
Rengar Rengar
  • Bonetooth Necklace.png Bonetooth Necklace
    • Now grants +5 attack damage.
  • Unseen Predator.png Unseen Predator
    • Fixed a bug where Rengar could leap while rooted.
  • Savagery.png Savagery
    • Attack speed duration increased to 4 seconds from 3.
    • Fixed a bug where Savagery could be used three times consecutively.
  • Battle Roar.png Battle Roar
    • Empowered Battle Roar now heals for 60-400 (based on champion level) instead of 10% of Rengar’s health.
  • Thrill of the Hunt.png Thrill of the Hunt
    • Initial delay reduced to 1 second from 1.25.
    • Stealth duration increased to 7 seconds from 5.

Riven Riven

  • Stats
    • Base health regen reduced to 6 from 10.4.
    • Health regen per level reduced to 0.5 from 0.9.
  • Valor.png Valor
    • Shield amount increased to 70/100/130/160/190 from 60/90/120/150/180.
  • Blade of the Exile.png Blade of the Exile
    • Cooldown increased to 110/80/50 seconds from 75/60/45.
    • Targeting cone is now attached to Riven.

Shaco Shaco

  • Hallucinate.png Hallucinate
    • Controlling the clone no longer reveals Shaco in brush.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Shaco from casting Hallucinate for the rest of the game in certain circumstances.

Syndra Syndra

Talon Talon

  • Noxian Diplomacy.png Noxian Diplomacy
    • Bleed damage reduced to 10/20/30/40/50 from 18/36/54/72/90.
    • Bleed bonus attack damage ratio reduced to 1 from 1.2.
  • Cutthroat.png Cutthroat
    • Fixed a bug where the damage amplification did not actually apply.
    • Fixed an bug that sometimes caused Talon's Rake to fire backwards after using Cutthroat.
  • Shadow Assault.png Shadow Assault
    • Damage reduced to 120/170/220 from 120/190/260.
    • Bonus attack damage ratio reduced to 0.75 from 0.9.

Udyr Udyr

  • Monkey's Agility.png Monkey's Agility
    • Now additionally increases Udyr's armor and magic resist by 4% per stack.

Vi Vi

  • Vault Breaker.png Vault Breaker
    • Fixed a bug where Vault Breaker would sometimes not refund mana or cooldown when interrupted.
    • Fixed a bug where interrupting Vault Breaker would sometimes render Vi unable to cast spells.
    • Fixed a bug where Vault Breaker's stun duration was sometimes shorter than intended.
    • Fixed a bug where Vi would sometimes stop attacking after hitting a champion with Vault Breaker.
  • Excessive Force.png Excessive Force
    • Increased the responsiveness of Vi's attacks after using Excessive Force.
  • Assault and Battery.png Assault and Battery
    • Fixed a bug where targets could cast spells after being knocked into the air.
    • Fixed a bug where characters with stealth could cause Assault and Battery to miss.
    • Fixed a bug where damage was not applied to targets immune to disable effects.

Ziggs Ziggs

  • Short Fuse.png Short Fuse
    • The cooldown indicator now more accurately shows when Short Fuse is available.

Summoner's Rift Jungle

Wraith Wraith

  • Base gold increased to 30 from 25.
  • Base health increased to 1000 from 750.

Lesser Wraith Lesser Wraith

  • Base health reduced to 150 from 250.

Giant Wolf Giant Wolf

  • Base gold increased to 55 from 40.
  • Base health increased to 1100 from 900.

Lesser Wolf Lesser Wolf

  • Base health reduced to 200 from 300.

Big Golem Big Golem

  • Base gold increased to 55 from 45.
  • Base health increased to 1200 from 1000.

Golem Golem

  • Base health reduced to 300 from 500.


Item tooltips have been revised to improve consistency.

The Lightbringer item.png The Lightbringer

  • New recipe: Grez's Spectral Lantern item.png Grez's Spectral Lantern + Pickaxe item.png Pickaxe
  • Total gold cost increased to 2425 from 1595, combine cost increased to 300 from 245.
  • +50 attack damage
  • +20 armor
  • +12% life steal
  • UNIQUE passive - Vanquish: Basic attacks have a 20% chance to deal 100 bonus magic damage (doubled for non-champions).
  • UNIQUE passive - Trap Detection: Nearby stealthed enemy traps are revealed.
  • UNIQUE active: Cover s a target area in a stealth-detecting mist that grants vision for 10 seconds (60 second cooldown).

Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff

  • Ability power increased to 60 from 50.
  • Mana charge amount increased to 6 from 5.

Banner of Command item.png Banner of Command

  • Ability power reduced to 40 from 50.
  • Now grants 10% cooldown reduction.

Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil

  • Combine cost increased to 600 from 490 (total cost is now 2610 from 2500).
  • Health increased to 400 from 300.

Blackfire Torch item.png Blackfire Torch

  • New recipe: Kage's Lucky Pick item.png Kage's Lucky Pick + Fiendish Codex item.png Fiendish Codex + Haunting Guise item.png Haunting Guise
  • Total gold cost increased to 3950 from 2950, combine cost remains at 700.
  • Ability power increased to 80 from 70.
  • Cooldown reduction increased to 20% from 10%.
  • Now grants 10 mana regeneration per 5 seconds.

Crystalline Flask item.png Crystalline Flask

  • Cost increased to 345 from 225.
  • Now restores 120 health and 60 mana over 12 seconds from 100 health and 40 mana over 10 seconds per charge.

Grez's Spectral Lantern item.png Grez's Spectral Lantern

  • Attack damage reduced to 20 from 25.

Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade

  • Spell vamp is now unique.

Hextech Sweeper item.png Hextech Sweeper

  • New UNIQUE passive - Trap Detection: Nearby stealthed enemy traps are revealed.

Homeguard item.png Homeguard

  • Now works immediately after purchasing the enchant.

Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet

  • Duration of slow field reduced to 2 seconds from 3.
  • Slow percentage reduced to 30% from 35%.
  • Slowing field now displays team color rings.

Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper

  • Combine cost increased to 1025 from 860 (total cost is now 2300 from 2135).

Liandry's Torment item.png Liandry's Torment

  • Health increased to 300 from 200.
  • Ability power reduced to 60 from 70.

Manamune item.png Manamune

  • Attack damage increased to 20 from 10.

Mikael's Crucible item.png Mikael's Crucible

  • Can no longer target allied minions.

Ninja Tabi item.png Ninja Tabi

  • Once again reduces 10% damage from all basic attacks, rather than only champion basic attacks.

Philosopher's Stone item.png Philosopher's Stone

  • Now correctly grants 5 gold per 10 seconds (was 4 gold per 10 seconds).

Sanguine Blade item.png Sanguine Blade

  • Combine cost reduced to 500 from 800.
  • Attack damage increased to 65 from 60.
  • Attack damage per stack increased to 6 from 5.
  • Max stacks reduced to 5 from 7.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard item.png Spirit of the Elder Lizard

  • Now grants +10% cooldown reduction.

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith item.png Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

  • Ability power increased to 50 from 40.
  • Cooldown reduction is no longer unique.

Twin Shadows item.png Twin Shadows

  • Ability power reduced to 40 from 50.
  • Magic resist increased to 40 from 30.
  • Movement speed increased to 6% from 5%.

Will of the Ancients item.png Will of the Ancients

Wooglet's Witchcap item.png Wooglet's Witchcap


Pickpocket mastery 2013.png Pickpocket

  • Now displays a buff timer after attacking to show the time before gold can be earned again.

Twisted Treeline

  • Speed Shrine removed and replaced by a Ghost Relic.
    • The Ghost Relic replenishes 94-315 health and a small amount of your ability resource. It also grants a brief speed boost.
    • The Ghost Relic spawns at 1:55 and respawns every 90 seconds.
  • New items now available:

Proving Grounds

Co-op vs. AI

  • Bots are now more likely to use activatable items.
  • Added Darius Bot to Co-op vs. AI on all maps.
  • Fixed a bug where Shen Bot wasn't casting Stand United.
  • Co-op vs. AI will now properly display as a co-op vs. AI match instead of a 5v5 pvp match.

Spectator Mode

  • Gold totals with more than three digits will now include punctuation for easier readability.
  • Directed camera positioning will now take the health bars for Baron and Vilemaw into account.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause directed camera to focus on recalling champions even with no enemies nearby.
  • Added spectator chat callouts for powerful items such as Athene's Unholy Grail and Blade of the Ruined King.


  • Added a new provisional medal for players and teams that are in their placement matches.
    • All players and teams have been temporarily set to this medal in preparation for Season 3.

User Interface

  • Improvements to the item shop:
    • Holding the CTRL key while clicking on categories in the All Items tab will now select multiple categories, similar to using the check boxes.
    • Fixed a bug where the item shop could show you as owning more of an item than you actually have.
    • Fixed a bug where items in the recommended item pane would light up even if you couldn't afford the item.
    • Fixed a bug where items that could not be sold were showing a sell value.
    • Improved the responsiveness of double clicking to purchase items.
    • Improved the performance of the item shop during various item updates (opening the item shop, searching, purchasing and selling).
  • Adjusted the graphics for the borders on vote tallies in the surrender display.


  • Turrets now prioritize minions in the following order:
    • Player-owned minions (ex: Tibbers, Zyra Plants)
    • Super Minions, Cannon Minions
    • Melee Minions
    • Caster Minions
  • Added keybindings for Self Casting Items.
  • Fixed keybinding for Show/Hide HUD.
  • Changed the "Ended Killing Spree" chat messages to better indicate that the number shown is the total gold received for the kill.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't send chat messages at end of game.
  • Fixed a bug where champions affected by near-sightedness (Graves Graves' Smoke Screen.png Smoke Screen, Nocturne Nocturne's Paranoia.png Paranoia) could attack their team mates.
  • The Minimap has been improved:
    • Wards now show special icons on the minimap.
    • Players are outlined in blue while Recall.png recalling.
    • Players are outlined in orange while using Teleport.png Teleport.
  • Teleport.png Teleport is now colored based on enemy/ally team.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing player health bars and ultimate indicators in the team UI to update too slowly.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing a legendary item (ex: Runic Bulwark item.png Runic Bulwark, Blade of the Ruined King item.png Blade of the Ruined King) would consume all components of a lower tier instead of just those necessary for the recipe.
  • Fixed a rare issue where certain spells (ex: Ezreal Ezreal's Mystic Shot.png Mystic Shot) could land an unintentional critical hit.
  • Hovering over your attack damage stat will display your champion's auto attack range.
  • You may now unlock the game camera while holding down your mouse button on the minimap.
  • Pinging a tower in the basic tutorial will no longer display an unlocalized string.
  • The camera snap that occurs when you respawn can be disabled by setting "DisableCameraSnapOnRespawn=1" in Game.cfg.
  • You now have a few extra seconds to finish a kill streak if the target is the last member of the team alive.
  • Muting a player will now mute that player's emote sounds.
  • Added teammate chat callouts for new items such as Sightstone item.png Sightstone, Mikael's Crucible item.png Mikael's Crucible and Ohmwrecker item.png Ohmwrecker.
  • Fixed a bug preventing buff durations from drawing on the target frame.

Undocumented Changes


Patch Preview video

League of Legends - Preseason Balance Update 2 Patch Preview06:38

League of Legends - Preseason Balance Update 2 Patch Preview


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