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New Cosmetics in the Store

The following Champion skins have been added to the store for Harrowing 2015, and will be Legacy skins:

The following summoner icons have been added to the store:


Report System
  • Out-of-date report categories removed.
  • Players are allowed to select up to 3 report categories when reporting.

League of Legends V5.21


New Short Bios
New Main Lores
Annie Annie
  • Summon Tibbers.png Summon Tibbers / Molten Shield.png Molten Shield
    • Fixed a bug where the reflected damage from Tibbers' Molten Shield wasn't triggering spell effects.
Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • Fixed a bug where Caitlyn's attack animation and damage application would occasionally become unsynchronized if Lulu Lulu was in the game.
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath
  • Feast.png Feast
    • Tooltip updated. While the healing effect is not shown on the updated tooltip, it is still functional.
    • New Effect: Enemy champion kills with Feast.png Feast generate 2 stacks instead of 1 stack.
    • New Effect: Killing an enemy unit with Feast.png Feast when Cho'Gath Cho'Gath is already at 6 stacks will heal him for 90 / 120 / 150. The heal is doubled when the ability kills an enemy champion.
Darius Darius
Gangplank Gangplank
  • Stats
    • Base health reduced to 580 from 631.
    • Health per level growth increased to 82 from 79.
  • Parrrley.png Parrrley
    • Mana cost reduced to 40 from 50.
    • The ability no longer refunds 50% of mana cost (25 mana) on kill.
Kassadin Kassadin
  • Nether Blade.png Nether Blade
    • Cooldown reduced to 7 seconds from 9 seconds.
    • AP ratio increased to 70% AP from 60% AP.
Kha'Zix Kha'Zix
Kindred Kindred
  • Mark of the Kindred.png Mark of the Kindred
    • Fixed a bug where the allied/enemy indicators for Wolf's marks would occasionally be the wrong color. An allied Wolf will now always place blue marks on the map, and enemy marks will be red.
    • Fixed a bug where Wolf would occasionally claim stacks from monsters he wasn't hunting.
Mordekaiser Mordekaiser
  • General
    • Title changed to the Iron Revenant from the Master of Metal.
  • Harvester of Sorrow.png Harvester of Sorrow
    • Amount of experience gained in shared lane changed to 82.6 / 71.73 / 66.3 / 63.04 / 60.87 % from 100% in all circumstances.
      • By comparison, other champions receive 65.2 / 43.46 / 32.6 / 26.08 / 21.73 %.
  • Dragon Force.png Dragon Force
    • Neutral monsters no longer refuse to aggro on the Dragon's ghost.
Riven Riven
Veigar Veigar
  • Baleful Strike.png Baleful Strike
    • Base damage reduced to 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 from 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260.
  • Dark Matter.png Dark Matter
    • Base damage reduced to 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 from 120 / 170 / 220 / 270 / 320.
Zilean Zilean
  • General
    • Updated recommended items.
  • Time in a Bottle.png Time in a Bottle
    • New Innate: Zilean generates 2 / 3.5 / 5 / 6 / 12 bottled experience every 5 seconds. When he has enough bottled experience to finish an ally's level, he can right-click them to impart it (1000 range), with Zilean also gaining the same amount. Zilean cannot impart bottled experience while in combat or to targets in combat. (120 second cooldown)
  • Time Bomb.png Time Bomb
    • Bombs now use Range model edge range instead of Range center center range when sticking to targets.
    • Bombs now have an increased stick-radius for allied champions. Note that bombs prioritize enemies.
    • New particle effect for when the bomb binds to a target.
    • Improved explosion visual and audio effects timing.


Scrying Orb item.png Scrying Orb
  • Fixed a bug where the vision radius was decreasing at level 9. Vision radius at level 9 increased to 550 from 400.


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