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New Cosmetics

The following Chromas packs have been added to the store:

The following Champion skins have been added to the store:

The following Champions and Skins have received a new splash art:

The following Summoner Icons have been added to the store:

Season 2016 Icons Solo 3v3 5v5
Bronze ProfileIcon1395 ProfileIcon1396 ProfileIcon1397
Silver ProfileIcon1398 ProfileIcon1399 ProfileIcon1400
Gold ProfileIcon1401 ProfileIcon1402 ProfileIcon1403
Platinum ProfileIcon1404 ProfileIcon1405 ProfileIcon1406
Diamond ProfileIcon1407 ProfileIcon1408 ProfileIcon1409
Master ProfileIcon1410 ProfileIcon1411 ProfileIcon1412

League of Legends V6.22


Armor Penetration
  • Removed: Flat armor penetration.
  • New Champion Statistic: Lethality. Functionally identical to flat armor penetration, except that it scales with the target's level. 1 Lethality grants 0.43 - 1 (based on target's level) armor penetration.
  • New Effect: New icon for lesser jungle monsters.
  • New Effect: Turret icons now update to indicate turrets below 66% health and below 33% health.
  • New Effect: Plants also have icons in the minimap once you gain sight of them.
  • Melee minions
    • Health growth over time increased by 60%.
    • Removed: Gaining attack damage as the game progresses.
  • Ranged minions
    • Health growth over time decreased by 60%
    • New Effect: Now gain 100% attack damage as the game progresses.
Scoreboard Ordering
  • Games drafted in New Champ Select will automatically order the scoreboard by role (top, jungle, mid, marksman, support).
Stealth Rework
  • All existing forms of stealth now fall under on of the follow categories:
Shadow Walk Camouflage
Camouflage is a form of stealth that is activated preemptively in order to ambush an enemy or to bypass the enemy's vision.
  • Camouflaged units are temporarily revealed while within 700 units of a champion, are within the vision radius of enemy Control Ward item.jpg Control Ward or enemy turret, or if revealed by an effect that grants unit-vision (e.g. some champion abilities, Scryer's Bloom Scryer's Bloom and Hextech Sweeper item.png Arcane Sweeper).
  • Camouflaged will briefly shimmer whenever they take damage (e.g. if hit by a skill shot). A unit cannot shimmer more frequently than once per second, and shimmering doesn't make a unit targetable nor remove the stealth effect.
  • Oracle Alteration item.png Oracle Alteration and Sweeping Lens item.png Sweeping Lens will outline Camouflaged units.
Invisibility Shimmer
Twilight Shroud Invisibility
Invisibility is a form of stealth that is activated while in-combat to grant a champion a reprieve, or the ability to reposition.
  • Invisible units can only be revealed by enemy turrets or True Sight icon true sight and will briefly shimmer whenever they take damage (e.g. if hit by a skill shot). A unit cannot shimmer more frequently than once per second, and shimmering doesn't make a unit targetable nor remove the stealth effect.
  • Effects that grant unit-vision (but not True Sight icon true sight) will still debuff invisible enemies, including visible over-head indicators, but will not grant unit-vision or targetability.
  • Oracle Alteration item.png Oracle Alteration and Sweeping Lens item.png Sweeping Lens will outline invisible units.
Noxious Trap Stealthed Trap
Stealthed Traps have a unique form of stealth that cannot be seen except through Hextech Sweeper item.png Arcane Sweeper, Control Ward item.jpg Control Wards, Oracle Alteration item.png Oracle Alteration, Scryer's Bloom Scryer's Bloom, Sweeping Lens item.png Sweeping Lens or an enemy turret.
  • Inhibitor and Nexus turrets fire laser bullets like all other turrets, instead of lasers.
  • Turret bullets now deal a fixed percent of minion maximum health.
    • Melee: 45% health per bullet (requires 3 turret shots).
    • Ranged: 70% health per bullet (requires 2 turret shots).
    • Siege: 14% health per bullet (requires 8 turret shots).
    • Super: 5% health per bullet (requires 20 turret shots).
  • Attacking wards no longer procs lifesteal or omnivamp effects.

Jungle (Summoner's Rift)


Smite.png Smite
  • Smite.png Smite buffs removed.
  • New Effect: Against large monsters, Smite.png Smite now restores 100 (+ 10% maximum health) health.
  • Recharge timer increased to 90 seconds from 75.
  • Recharge timer now start at 1:40 instead of 1:25.
Plants NEW!
  • Plants grow within the jungle and river and can be attacked to trigger an effect, based on the plant.
  • Plants are stationary, neutral units with 1 health. Destroying them (via basic attack) triggers an effect.
  • Plants spawn as inactive seeds and take 60 seconds to become usable. Each seed type has a unique appearance.
  • First spawn locations for all plants are pre-determined.
  • The first wave of plants is identical in every game.
  • Each plant has its own set of spawn rules.
    • Blast Cone Blast Cone
      • Trigger: Airborne icon Knocks away nearby units (including the attacker) when destroyed, even over walls.
      • Blast Cone displays a self-only indicator to champions in the blast radius, showing where they'll land if it's detonated.
      • There are 2 spawn locations within each quadrant, with one in both red quadrants providing access into the Dragon Dragon and Baron Nashor Baron pits.
      • First inner cone spawns between 1:15 and 1:25.
      • First outer cone spawns between 2:15 and 2:30.
      • Inner cone respawn time is between 5 and 7 minutes.
      • Outer cone respawn time is between 5.5 and 6.5 minutes.
    • Scryer's Bloom Scryer's Bloom
      • Trigger: When destroyed, releases vision-granting pollen in a large cone that flies in the direction the attacker was facing, revealing units and wards for 12 seconds (3 seconds on champions).
      • Scryer's Bloom displays a self-only range indicator to champions on mouse-over, showing which direction the pollen will fly.
      • Scryer's Bloom can spawn in two spots per jungle quadrant, close to river ramps.
      • First spawns between 3:00 and 3:30, always at each quadrant's spawn point nearest to the side lanes.
      • Next-spawn time is between 5 and 6.5 minutes at either spawn point, starting once a given quadrant's Scryer's Bloom is destroyed.
      • Only one Scryer's Bloom can be present per quadrant.
    • Honeyfruit Honeyfruit
      • Trigger: Drops 5 fruits on the ground when killed.
      • Each fruit heals for 3.5% maximum health or 14 - 116 (based on level) flat health, whichever is higher.
      • Eating a fruit Slow icon slows you for 35% for 0.25 seconds.
      • Honeyfruit spawn along river walls, starting near Dragon Dragon or Baron Nashor Baron pits and slowly extending closer toward lanes over the course of the game.
      • First spawns between 5:00 and 5:30.
      • Respawn time is between 5.5 and 7 minutes.
      • If a Honeyfruit isn't taken before its respawn timer completes, a second Honeyfruit may spawn. No more than two Honeyfruits can exist per half of the river.

Jungle Camps

  • Small camp respawn timer increased to 150 seconds from 100 seconds.
  • Monster stats no longer scale linearly up to level 9.
    • Level 1 - 3: Their current base stats (factoring any below changes to base stats).
    • Level 4 - 6: +10% health, +50% resistances and +40% damage.
    • Level 7 - 9: +25% health, +75% resistances and +55% damage.
    • Level 9+: Returns to linear scaling (40-75% extra health and 185-370% extra damage).
  • General spawn timer reduced to ~1:37 from 1:40.
    • Ancient Krug Ancient Krug and Gromp Gromp first spawn is 1:52 instead.
    • First clear gives about the same amount of gold/experience.
Ancient Krug Ancient Krug camp
  • Krug camp now consists of one Ancient Krug Ancient Krug and one Krug Krug. When killed, the Ancient Krug Ancient Krug spawns two Krug Krugs (~60% less health). When Krug Krugs are killed, they spawn two Krug Lesser Krugs (~88% less health).
    • Krug Lesser Krugs do not split and die to a single basic attack.
  • Total Krug camp reward increased to about 150% of other camps.
Blue Sentinel Blue Sentinel camp
  • Removed: Both Sentry Sentries.
  • Stats slightly up to compensate.
  • Now has negative magic resistance.
Crimson Raptor Crimson Raptor camp
  • Number of Raptor Small Raptors increased to 5 from 3.
  • Crimson Raptor health cut by roughly half, damage cut by roughly two thirds.
  • Raptors health increased by roughly half.
Elder Dragon Elder Dragon
  • Removed: No longer deals more damage and takes less damage based on how many elemental drakes your team has secured.
  • Aspect of the Dragon.png Aspect of the Dragon duration increased to 150 seconds from 120.
Gromp Gromp
  • New Effect: Attack damage is now significantly lower, but attack speed is significantly higher. However, his attack speed steadily decreases over time.
Red Brambleback Red Brambleback camp
  • Removed: Both Cinderling Cinderlings.
  • Stats slightly up to compensate.
  • Now has negative armor.
Rift Herald Rift Herald
  • Spawn time increased to 10 minutes from 6.
  • On-spawn attack damage reduced to 119 from 147.




Overview: There are now three keystone masteries in all trees at tiers-2 and 4.


Tier 2
  • Double-Edged Sword mastery S4.png Double-Edged Sword
    • Moved to tier 4 from tier 2.
  • Fresh Blood mastery 2017.png Fresh Blood NEW!
    • Effect: Basic attacks versus champions deal 11 - 28 (based on level) bonus damage (9 second per-target cooldown).
Tier 4
  • Double-Edged Sword mastery S4.png Double-Edged Sword
    • Damage dealt modifier increased to 5% from 3%.
    • Damage taken modified increase to 2.5% from 1.5%.
  • Bounty Hunter mastery 2016.png Bounty Hunter
    • Bonus damage per stack increased to 1.5% from 1%.
      • Maximum bonus damage increased to 7.5% from 5%.
  • Battle Trance mastery 2017.png Battle Trance NEW!
    • Effect: Gain up to 5% increased damage over 5 seconds when in combat with enemy champions.
  • Evasive mastery s4.png Oppressor
    • Removed.
Tier 6
  • Fervor of Battle mastery 2016.png Fervor of Battle
    • Stack increased to 10 from 8.
    • One stack now grants 1 - 6 (based on level) AD instead of 0.90 - 13.99 (based on level) on-hit physical damage.
      • Maximum 10 stacks grants 10 - 60 (based on level) AD instead of 7.2 - 111.92 (based on level) on-hit physical damage.
    • Stack duration reduced to 4 seconds from 6.


Tier 4
  • Inspiration mastery s4.png Greenfather's Gift NEW!
    • Effect: Stepping into brush causes your next attack or damaging ability to deal 3% of target's current health as bonus magic damage (9 second cooldown).
Tier 5
  • Precision mastery 2016.png Precision
    • Now grants 1.7 / 3.4 / 5.1 / 6.8 / 8.5 Lethality instead of 0.6 + (0.06 × level) / 1.2 + (0.12 × level) / 1.8 + (0.18 × level) / 2.4 + (0.24 × level) / 3 + (0.3 × level) armor penetration.


Tier 2
  • Siegemaster mastery 2017.png Siegemaster NEW!
    • Effect: Gain 8 armor and 8 magic resistance when near to an allied tower.
Tier 4
  • Tough Skin mastery s4.png Fearless NEW!
    • Effect: Gain 10% (+ 2 - 36 (based on level) flat) bonus armor and magic resistance for 2 seconds when damaged by an enemy champion (9 second cooldown).
Tier 6


  • All sources of Armor Penetration replaced with Lethatilty.
Tier 3
  • Lethality mark 3.png Mark of Lethality
    • Renamed to Mark of lethality from Mark of flat armor penetration.
    • Now grants 1.6 Lethality instead of 1.28 armor penetration.
  • Lethality quint 3.png Quintessence of Lethality
    • Renamed to Quintessence of lethality from Quintessence of flat armor penetration.
    • Now grants 3.2 Lethality instead of 2.56 armor penetration.
  • Precision mark 3.png Mark of Precision (Hybrid)
    • Renamed to Mark of precision from Mark of hybrid penetration.
    • Now grants 1.13 Lethality instead of 0.9 armor penetration.
  • Precision quint 3.png Quintessence of Precision (Hybrid)
    • Renamed to Quintessence of precision from Quintessence of hybrid penetration.
    • Now grants 2.24 Lethality instead of 1.79 armor penetration.

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