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Saint Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's Day or Feast of Saint Valentine, is a holiday observed on February 14 each year. It's celebrated in many countries around the world, although its not an official holiday in most of them. Each year Riot marks this event with either a champion skin, gift card templates or ward skins.

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine Vayne

Heartseeker Vayne promo.


Vayne Tumbles into Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is here, and Cupid's not the only bow-wielding cutie bound to be tugging at your heart strings this February! This holiday we’re rolling out a brand new skin for your favorite Night Hunter that's sure to be love at first sight. Feast your eyes on VayneSquare.png Heartseeker Vayne!

Valentine's Day 2013

From The Defender of Tomorrow in the Fashion of Today, exclusive to IM

Riot IQ cover UPDATED

Inventor's Monthly: Issue Debonair Jayce

“The room smells of mahogany and warm brandy, and I can tell by the leopard-skin hearthrug that the man I’ve come to interview is well-accustomed to company. They’re finishing the shoot in the foyer where Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow, has suited up in the high fashion of today. In the meantime, I have free reign of the illustrious inventor’s sitting-room and I’m staring at the newest model of the world-famous Mercury Cannon-Hammer.

Slim and trim, and as stylish as the room I’m standing in, this iteration of Jayce’s signature weapon has refined lines and looks as clean as Piltover’s finests’ sterilized holding cells – not that I’ve seen them, of course. When we met last night, Jayce told me with his trademark wit about the new effects that issue from the cannon’s powerful blasts.

The door swings open and dapper Jayce strides with the effortless grace of someone who has more awards than bottles of wine despite a cellar the size of an Ionian temple. Dressed to the skies with a white overcoat and charming rose boutonniere, Jayce has picked up a confident swagger and a noticeable change in his voice…”

Dressed to the skies with a white overcoat and classy boutonniere, sleek and stylish JayceSquare.png Debonair Jayce is ready for Valentine’s Day for 975 RP in the store.

Valentine's Day 2014

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day

League of lovers


Happy Valentine’s Day Summoners!


Love is most definitely in the air and we have an array of activities for you to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

Heartseeker Ashe

Sitting atop her throne, the Queen of Hearts fires smoldering arrows to unknowing enemies, who immediately fall prey to her deadly guise. AsheSquare.png Heartseeker Ashe is a fearsome temptress, you have been warned.

Roses ward

Roses Bouquet ward skin

Ward Skin

Nothing beats a bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day, and what better way to show your team some love than to light their path with this special Roses Bouquet skin.

Join the League of Lovers

All you need is love. Our very special League of Lovers Tumblr page has got that love and feeling, but we want some of that lovin’ from all of you. Share your League of Legends themed romantic artwork, poems, videos or images that you feel perfectly captures this day.We also have some additional items on the page to help you get in the spirit of romance:

Valentine’s Cards - Show a special someone that you care with our Heartseeker and Debonair cards. Download, add your message and share them here.

Chocolate Fortune – A simple confectionary heart with a secret message inside. Some of our Champions have written love notes telling us their heart’s desires. Who will you get, and will you love them back? Open yours here.

Valentine’s Day cards

  • It’ll be love at first blood
  • Love lurks behind every corner
  • Should'a put three rings on it
  • Back of the card

  • You and I? Straight to the skies
  • This rose is for you The Hammer is, too.
  • It’ll be love at first blood
  • Back of the card

  • Your Queen commands you.
  • You’re stunning
  • It’ll be love at first blood
  • Back of the card

Love is a Battlefield

Stop playing games with our hearts. Actually… don’t, come and join us! We will be running a series of play with Riot games throughout Valentine’s Day including Twisted Love and Protect the Queen. To find out more about how to get involved, head over to the forums.

Valentine’s skin sale

To round everything off, we’ve got a 50% sale on our previous Valentine’s skins for a limited time only: Debonair Jayce and Heartseeker Vayne.

Debonair Vi and Ezreal have arrived

Take your enemy’s breath away with style, or if that fails, a sharp punch to the solar plexus. High-end fashion has made its way to the Rift with Debonair Vi and Ezreal. Tailored suits, fitted vests and elegant gauntlets let everyone know that the difference between you and them is simple: You make this look good.

Ezreal and Vi Debonair Screenshots

Debonair Vi & Ezreal

Fight with style as Debonair Vi and Debonair Ezreal, available now in the League of Legends store for 750 RP each, or show off your sophisticated side with the Debonair Summoner Icon for 250 RP.

Valentine's Day 2015

"Health pots are red

Frostfangs are blue
Heartseeker Varus wears diapers

And Tibbers burns for you!"
― Riot[1]

We’re spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with a collection of romantic content.

  • Sweetheart Annie - 750 RP
  • Heartseeker Varus - 1350 RP (on sale for 975 RP until Feb. 16th, 23:59 PST)
  • Sweetheart Icon - 250 RP
  • Heartseeker Ward - 640 RP

Also, since roses and chocolate can get expensive, we’ve got a couple of heart-throbbing bundles.

  • Sweetheart Set - 1733 RP (2351 RP if you need the champs) through February 16 then 2108 RP (2726 RP if champs needed) through February 23).
    • Sweetheart Annie
    • Heartseeker Varus
    • Sweetheart Icon
    • Heartseeker Ward
  • Yesteryear Bundle - 1468 RP (2323 RP if you need the champs) through February 23.
    • Heartseeker Ashe
    • Heartseeker Vayne
    • Bouquet Ward

Send your teammates League Valentines!

"Let’s show appreciation for our teammates this Valentine’s Day with these heartfelt cards created in collaboration with community artist Oskar Vega."
― Riot Jynx [2]

  • Heartseeker Annie
  • Debonair Vi
  • Heartseeker Ashe, Varus and Vayne, and Debonair Ezreal
  • Supports
  • Debonair Jayce

  • Heartseeker Annie
  • Debonair Vi
  • Heathseeker Ashe, Varus and Vayne, and Debonair Ezreal
  • Supports
  • Debonair Jayce

Debonair Galio doesn’t always go mid lane...


"His calculations are so precise, Vel’Koz asks him for help with geometry.

His singing in the shower is so breathtaking, it stole Sona’s voice.

He once stepped on a mushroom and Teemo exploded.

He is...

The Most Interesting Gargoyle-like Construct in the World.

Galio Debonair Screenshots

Queue up with class as Debonair Galio, available now in the League of Legends store for 750 RP."

Valentine's Day 2016

Happy Valentine’s!

BY ROCKET BABY DOLL [4] Love is in the air! Teemo is blowing kisses instead of darts, Tahm Kench is slipping even more tongue than usual and - whether you’re in bot lane, jungle or top - there’s no escaping Fifty Shades of Graves.

That’s right, it’s coming up on Valentine’s Day, and while nobody is expecting hostilities in League of Legends to cease completely, Summoner’s Rift is as susceptible to the romance of the season as anywhere else.

That’s why we’re pleased to unveil a collaboration with amazingly talented community artist Rachel J Corey, who you may have seen featured in /ALL Chat’s Summoner Showcase last year for her amazing League of Legends fan artwork. Rachel has put together five unique cards so that you can celebrate your love of League throughout your romantic endeavours.

So have a Happy Valentine’s Day - and if you see us on the Rift, feel free to give us a cuddle before you blow our brains out!

  • Poppy x Garen
  • Rammus x Reksai
  • Malzahar x Void Bringer Illaoi
  • Lamb x Wolf
  • Jinx x Jhin


The following Valentine's Day skins are:

Skin Name RP Cost
VayneSquare.png Heartseeker Vayne [S|L] 975
JayceSquare.png Debonair Jayce [S|L] 975
AsheSquare.png Heartseeker Ashe [S|L] 975
EzrealSquare.png Debonair Ezreal [S|L] 750
ViSquare.png Debonair Vi [S|L] 750
AnnieSquare.png Sweetheart Annie [S|L] 750
VarusSquare.png Heartseeker Varus [S|L] 1350
GalioSquare.png Debonair Galio [S|L] 750
OriannaSquare.png Heartseeker Orianna [S|L] 1350
SonaSquare.png Sweetheart Sona [S|L] 975




  • Heartseeker Vayne
  • Heartseeker Vayne Chinese art
  • Debonair Jayce
  • Heartseeker Ashe
  • Debonair Ezreal
  • Debonair Vi
  • Sweetheart Annie
  • Heartseeker Varus
  • Debonair Galio
  • Heartseeker Orianna
  • Sweetheart Sona

  • Heartseeker Vayne
  • Debonair Jayce
  • Debonair Ezreal and Vi
  • Debonair Galio

  • Heartseeker Vayne
  • Debonair Jayce
  • Heartseeker Ashe
  • Debonair Vi & Ezreal
  • Heartseeker Varus
  • Sweetheart Annie
  • Debonair Galio


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